Sunday, August 2, 2015

Ysera at 7 Mana?

Well I played against a player Mopop and he played Ysera at 7 mana against me. The card was not created by Unstable Portal as it would show "Card created by unstable portal" (I triple checked) and I recalled he did not play Unstable Portal the whole game. I did not have a screenshot but I will next time after discussing with a friend Seannie. I almost fell off my chair when he played Ysera the turn I was going to play AOW with a Senjin Shieldmasta on board that turn. Needless to say I lost that game. I did not mind losing to a better play or I misplayed but this was so cheese...

Update: Looking around the forums, it IS possible to play Ysera at turn 7 by playing Dragon Consort earlier. "The next dragon you play (in the game, not only in the turn) costs (2) mana less". Well, I should have paid more attention... He was legit.

*Update: He was playing Mage and Dragon Consort was a Paladin class card, so still not solved.

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