Thursday, May 12, 2022

Samsung S9 black screen blue LED notification light

I was helping my wife play Shopee games to earn Shopee coins when her Samsung S9 mobile phone decided to crash on me. The game crashed and the screen turned black. When I tried to wake it up by turning on (short or long press), it did not work. No worries, I am an IT professional. Calmly, I tried to reboot by holding down volume and on/off switch for 10s. The Samsung logo came on, with the blue (pulsing) LED notification light for a while and then... the screen went black again, unable to wake it up. I started to panick a little bit, since it meant she would not be able to use the mobile the next day. Anyway, option 2 below was what made it work.

If you have the black screen on your Galaxy S9 or S9+ and you can't turn on/off (reboot) try these two easy possible solutions.
  1. Press & Hold both Volume Down and Power button at the same time until you see the Samsung logo. If no go give it a few more tries and if still no go, try option number 2.
  2. Same as option number one but this time you also want to plug in your charging cable.

Shopee Pet Game Guide/Strategy

I have been playing Shopee games for quite a while so I am pretty experienced. I have not seen anybody written a detailed guide on it.

Shopee Pet

  1. Tap the pet repeatly to collect a maximum of 30 diamonds/daily.
  2. Pet School
    • Quiz - memorize the answers (30 base diamonds)
    • Race - download Auto Clicker (60 base diamonds)
    • Art - memorize the differences (30 base diamonds)
  3. Complete daily missions consecutively to win diamonds on the 5/6/7th day.
  4. Upgrade house to earn bonus diamonds.

  1. Upgrade house to earn bonus food/bath XP.
  2. Feed your pet with the bonus food/baths won from the school before the free ones.
  3. Play with your pet to optimize XP.
    • Soccer - wait for pet to reach the side lines of the goal posts (usually increases in speed). Swipe quicky diagonally left/right (30 degrees to verticle) opposite to pet's side. Max. 140 XP.
    • Trampoline - die at 1000 m for max. 140 XP.
    • Karaoke - change music to Twinkle Little Star for easy max. 200 XP
  4. Go online to give/ask snacks 20 XP/snack up to max. 40 snacks or 800 XP. Tip: Go to room 1 after midnight.

Thursday, May 5, 2022

Google Opinion Rewards

I have used this App to earn some pocket money to buy Google PlayStore games and micro-transaction in games. In fact, you can purchase anything from PlayStore. If you accumlate until Christmas, usually there will be sales on games etc.

These were the games I brought last Christmas.

  2. FRAMED 2
  3. LIMBO
  4. Lumino City
  5. Mini Metro
  6. Stardew Valley
  7. The Room: Old Sins
  8. To the Moon

Wednesday, May 4, 2022

How to Shutdown and Restart iPhone 12, 12 Mini, 12 Pro, or 12 Pro Max

This may seem trivial to you. However, for a person like me who owns the first generation of iPhone 3GS (not exactly the first but the first successful model) and until recently, issued with a corporate iPhone 12 Mini, switching off the new generation iPhone has never been a challenge...

Whatever happened to just holding the on/off switch button on the top or side? Nope, the side button either puts your iPhone to sleep or wakes it up, or holding down the side button triggers Siri by default. Honestly, why Apple made such a simple action so complicated? Jesus, I need to Google just to relearn how to switch off an iPhone.

Anyway, 3 methods listed here:
  1. Buttons Method.
  2. Settings Menu Method
  3. AssistiveTouch Method.

1. Buttons Method

iPhone with Face ID: Simultaneously press and hold the side button and either volume button until the slider appears, then drag the Power Off slider

Volume Up button > Volume Down button > Hold the side button until the slider appears, then drag the Power Off slider

2. Settings Menu Method

Go to Settings > General > Shut Down, then drag the slider.

3. AssistiveTouch Method

If you are paranoid of physical buttons getting damaged due to wear and tear, you can use Power-off/Restart Using AssistiveTouch or the digital button.
  • Settings > Accessibility > Touch > AssistiveTouch, then make sure "AssistiveTouch" is enabled.
  • Now, tap the on-screen AssistiveTouch button that appears, then tap Device > More > Restart.

Friday, April 29, 2022


I recently bought an Android game named "Limbo" from Google Playstore using the money I earned from Google poll during last year's Christmas sale with a discount.

2 words. Buy it! It took me 10 good years to discover this solid game and it was way-ahead of it's time. If you have played those favorite classic games genre like "Out of this World (Another World)" and Prince of Persia, you will enjoy this game.

The game's atmosphere was dark (black and white) and surreal, but truly enjoyable. It was dark as it needed to play with the lighting and shadows. I learnt by dying and having to repeat small segments of game over and over again in a row to solve it. I could not imagine how the game puzzles were revealed in every segment and I was always pleasantly surprised to find something new.

Here is the official trailer...

A word of caution for the ending though. It may leave you with more questions than you started... and it is up to your interpretation (just like all the YouTube video interpretations). The developer (Playdead) left it open, even with their new follow-up similar themed game "Inside".

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Google Map No Voice

Recently, I finally found the root cause of the Google Map no voice or not talking issue. Although I made sure that it was not muted and crank up the volume all the way, I still could not get the navigation voice. So I lived with it. However, my wife's Android phone also has the same issue, so enough is enough.

My root cause was the media volume.

1. Press up on the physical volume button.
2. Select the 3 dots (...) highlighted.

3. Slide up the media volume highlighted.
Why can't Google/Android make it such that when you push on the volume buttons, you really want to bring up/down on all the volumes.

Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Blogger image sizes

Not sure why Blogger did this?

I suspect Blogger is using CDN (Content Deilvery Network). You can no longer download or resize images.

Fret not, I am here to share with you how to resize your image. I am still investigating how to download the image.

You can on longer change the URL path to s0, s640, s800, s1024 to resize. Instead, you can append =s0, =s640, =s800, =s1024 (even odd size like =s1200) at the end of the URL to resize your images.


Original size


Good thing though Blogger can display the original image in it's full glory.

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