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Battle Cats Best Quality Treasure

Yi Lin asked how to get best quality treasure.

Download the updated version of Battle cats for Treasure event or festival to increase the chances to 2x to get treasures. I believe you need to be online (mobile data/WiFi) for it to be activated, just like the half-price store (they want you to buy). Remember to check all three chapters as the treasure chances are independent. Clear all stages once to activate them so that a treasure chance can be in any of the stages, thus increasing your chances. If you are able to max out the energy tech and treasures, it will also help. Once I see the treasure chance for that stage, I usually hammer it until I get best quality treasure. So far, I only did not succeed once because I did not have time to continue. If you have full energy, you can also cycle through the stages by playing the stages you have won once, then second round, then third round... I have somewhat success for that for first two chapters, also helps to gain more experience that way for upgrades.

My observations: Chapter 1 stages are more dependent on speed. However, for those stages you got no treasures or inferior most or all of the time, try the max money cap method. Chapter 2 stages, I use max money cap method mainly for later stages. Chapter 3 chances are much lower. I use the cycle through stages method or wait for treasure events.

yantao wrote:

Some observations of getting treasure:
1) Use tank cats to stall
2) Max out the working cats
3) Store max amount of money until it hits the cap
4) Release all the high level cats
5) Fire your laser, doesn't matter if it hits anything (Tried one level for 10 times and got the best quality by firing it)
6) Let them hit your tower once. My comments: Very difficult to tell.
7) Seems like speed of completing the game is important as well
8) If max money cap & units doesn't work for that level, alternative strategy is to play a very quick game

The chance of getting treasures are higher but not guaranteed either. Please share your findings on getting the treasures, it's important for next chapter.

More tips for getting treasure
Getting treasure in a stage seems to be a function of how quickly you complete it. The faster you win, the higher your chance of getting treasure, though it's never a 100% chance. (Faster doesn't seem to the only criteria here, check some other criteria above)

Treasure qualities are inferior, normal, and best. Which quality of treasure you receive is random. (Quite true)

Focus on small groups of levels at a time. Treasure bonuses only really matter when they fill out full sections on the treasure list.

Use the Game Speed Up tokens before you enter a stage to dramatically increase your chances of earning treasure. (Not willing to spend cat food on this)

*My comments: Thanks everyone, I got Moneko. It's not automatic, you need to manually receive all the 10 gifts.

*Update: The difference between treasure event and treasure festival. Treasure event is 2x the chance only for that given stage for 30 minutes. Treasure festival is also for 30 mins, but the difference is 2x the chance for any stage you choose (you better have full stamina and better be fast).

**Update: Tested, bike cat does not work at getting best quality treasures. It's random.
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Posted 3/23/2013 2:09:24 AM
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Hows bike cat? Heard it was really good at getting best quality

Posted 3/23/2013 3:15:24 AM
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he did for stage 1. I was able to get 48/48 on chapter 1 with him.
but i've been getting crap luck on 2 and 3.

bike cat is pretty awesome though.
slow, but great damage and hits multiple enemies.
he attacks by shooting missiles at them.
when you upgrade he becomes a biker cat and attacks with spikes popping from the wheels.


  1. thank you so much...have any ways to check when is the treasure event?

  2. You cannot check when is the treasure event. I believe it says it's random for every phone. My observation seems that you may need to be online. What I really like to have is that they can show the treasure event or festival on the main screen instead of going into every chapter individually to check. Really laborious.

  3. 3kqff

    Please help me get moneko!
    Also, I have got almost all the treasures till now by completing the level as fast as I could. The best tip to get a fast victory is to use cow cat level 10, which becomes giraffe cat. It is the fastest cat and slices through low level enemies quickly. For the tougher enemies, use the tank/wall cat as a shield and make the cow/giraffe cat and the gross cat attack from behind the cover.

    The main point is to drag them back to their base, as you win the level more quickly if half your force is attacking the castle while tank/wall cats block the attacks from the gorillas and pigs.

  4. once i got a treasure, is there any way to get better treasure?

  5. To Sungjoo Lee:

    Yes, you can improve the treasure quality (unless it is already best quality) by either using the speed completion or max money cap method. Alternatively, you can check every chapter for Treasure event or main screen for Treasure festival to increase your chances.


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