Friday, January 5, 2018

Clash of Kings The West (CTW) - Troop Statistics

I found this super useful troop statistics guide for Clash of Kings The West (CTW).


Red - Best for Attacking
Blue - Best for Defending

With this, the best troop mix for attacking a castle I felt is not all Tier 10 or T10 troops due to it's high maintenance.

T7 Infrantry - Guard
T7/T8 Cavalry- Heavy C. Archer/Royal Knight
T7/T8 Siege - Trebuchet/Heavy Trebuchet
T7 Archer - Heavy Crossbowman

T7/T10 Infantry - Guard/Berserker
T9 Cavalry - Strike Archer
T10 Siege - Mighty Trebuchet
T9 Archer - Windlass Man

In fact, T7 troops are pretty decent.

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