Sunday, February 17, 2013

Battle Cats Stage 2-48 Dark Emperor Nyandum

I need to download updated version of Battle cats to grind treasure. They have the Treasure event or festival to increase the chances 2x to get treasure. I also heard there is a 100 cat-food for the energy bug fix, we'll see...

*Update: Downloaded the update and claimed the free 100 cat-food compensation, yum yum. I got another 2 best treasures from the treasure festival (2x chances). Cleared stage 2-48 already with mix of treasures in areas stated below. The mobs were literally at my castle doorstep before my "wave" started to push them back. The money gained treasure, which previously I didn't have, really helped as I was able to churn out another mythical-giant-warrior-cat. When Nyandum shot out his AOE attack and knocked back my entire wave, the 2nd mythical-giant-warrior-cat just waltzed in and got free hits. At the later part of the game, I was spamming so many units like crazy as I did not want the money to max out and go to waste that it reached max capacity (unable to produce any more units), LOL.

Credits to vangug
You need to activate the following treasures before you can take on Dark Emperor Nyandum

Chapter 1 Masculinity - Money production
Chapter 1 Tradition - Unit production
Chapter 1 Greediness - Money gained
Chapter 1 Snowscape - Stamina
Chapter 1 Attractiveness - Attacking power
Chapter 1 Bigness - Recharging time

Chapter 2 Masculinity
Chapter 2 Tradition
Chapter 2 Greediness
Chapter 2 Snowscape
Chapter 2 Attractiveness
Chapter 2 Bigness

I only managed to beat Nyandum after I got all the above

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