Monday, December 26, 2011

Blood & Glory Strategy Guide & Tips (Update)

  • Platforms:  iPhone, Android
  • Developer: Glu Mobile
  • Genre: Action
  • Released: Nov 17, 2011

Blood and Glory Combos
Tornado Slash (BEST, I only use this)

*Update: Try adding a backhand before the combo. I will test it out. **I have tested, but NOT successful.

This is a bug that can help you do some great damage. Basically if you do the Tornado Slash and then immediately use your special attack, your first hit of your special attack will take triple damage.
Backhand, Up, Up, Down, Down, Up (triple damage), Special Attack, Up (triple damage), Up, Up, Down, Down, Up (triple damage). This gives you 17 attacks per enemy combo & a quadruple boost to your Crowd Bonus (integral on first battles). Again, I will test it out. **I have tested, but NOT successful.

Earth Strike (MEDIUM)

Spin Attack (GOOD)

Recommendation to buy in order
Helmet for bonus coins & XP, weapon, armor then shield.
  • Helmet: Crista Laeviter 4900 (+5% Coins, +,5% XP)
  • Helmet: Crista Mortifera 14,000 (+10% Coins) / Galea Scorpius 21,100 (+10% Coins, +10% XP)
  • Weapon: Kukri 4,800 (ATK: 65) -> ... -> Torvus Mace 66K (ATK: 490)
  • Armor: Tnenbrae (HP: 5K) -> Umbra (HP: 18,750)
  • Shield: Ruber Scutum (Block: 685)
Only tough opponent is the double-handed weapon gladiator. Parry the gladiator with the double-handed weapons, as you can parry late and still be successful. Opponents' special spin attacks are unblockable. When his BODY SPINS OFF THE GROUND, dodge in the opposite direction (not the same as opposed in the tutorial) i.e. left! Learn and dodge the attacks that comes from the bottom after an attack (I believe is his single right diagonal) i.e. the uppercut, as you will not be fast enough to parry.

*Update: To counter the uppercuts (double-handed & spearman), I recommend blocking with shield instead of dodging or parrying, as you may not be fast enough in the higher levels. Esp. when you observe the spear is starting to move downwards, use block immediately. Another way is to block and dodge alternately, so that you can let the shield recover (not blockable for special attacks).

Other opponents spin or special attacks are also unblockable.

The spear gladiator is somewhat deceptive. Still after a while, he is quite predictable.

If you are unsure or dodged the wrong way, break the opponents special/spin attack with yours.
*Update: I noticed for the higher levels, the trick of using special attack when you made a mistake dodging is no longer effective any more.

Always upgrade attack when eligible.

I'm at regular tournament XI now. I played 2 rounds.

*Update: If you timed your leveling up well by timing it after the 2nd last opponent or after any hard opponents (double-handed or spearman), your health will be recovered to full health. I almost cleared tournament XI invictus, if not for the last spearman dreaded uppercut... (I had about 14K+ health, almost winning and 2 hits and I was dead).

**Update: I have cleared tournament XI invictus. Almost cleared tournment XII with 1st attempts, died at last double-handed opponent. His special signature move is 4 spinning attacks consecutively that ends with a spinning kick. LISTEN CAREFULLY: It's dodge our RIGHT, RIGHT, RIGHT & LEFT. He also uses the standing spinning attack a lot, which you can easily dodge to the RIGHT. It is the left or right short strokes that are too fast. Btw, the Tornado Slash executes easily on him. Good luck!

***Final Update: I have cleared the entire tournament XII already. The bonus tournament requires gems which I did not continue. I believe it only upgrades your equipment only. Those god-like equipment can only be obtained using gems. It is possible to complete the entire game without gems.


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