Monday, February 13, 2017

Real Steel Strategy Guide

I'm pretty pissed off at the same old 5 cheats that everybody whom copied and put into their strategy guide. I doubt that they even experiment with them or do more than that. I walk the talk and I will be coming with my own strategy or guide myself as I play along.

  1. Gold Coins & Boss Pack - Buy it if you have the money. If not, watch videos till you have 990 gold coins or wait for the special offer which I saw once was at 500 gold coins. The videos are aplenty. *Update: Other places you can get 100 gold coins are earn 10M silver coins, reach level 30, own 20 robots, upgrade 20 robots fully and earn 2K gold coins (kind of stupid to get 100 if you got 2K). Also versus events also give you a chance to earn some gold coins.
  2. Unlimited Energy Core - If you are a grinder, buy it. It's a steal at SGD 11.99. If not, just grind with 5 energy cores alternating between Time-trial and Free Sparring Pro mode. I can hardly play and finish. *Update: DO NOT BUY the unlimited energy core until you got your 990 gold coins through free videos. Buying it will raise your VIP level 3 to no ads and no more free videos after that. Anyway, for me what's done could not be undone. I bought the additional double reward for SGD 22.99 to grind.
  3. Upgrades - I upgrade Power and Special. You may not always have the chance to unleash your special or you may miss it. You will also need power to grind the time-based attacks. You will need damage to win the final bosses.
  4. Robots - If you do not want to wait until 990 gold coins and want to earn as you go, I suggest you buy the robots that the special is unable to be blocked. Atom, Hollow Jack, Twin Cities and Zeus are the ones. Total 1250 gold coins. The boss pack already included Twin Cities and Zeus. You can also invite a Facebook friend and if he installs it and pass you a free Robot pass, you can get Aqua Robot as you first free robot and a free robot at every major stage. *Update: I sent a Facebook invite to a friend and he installed it via the link. He linked his game to Facebook. Till date, I have not received my free robot pass in my in-game message inbox. I wrote to support but there is no reply. I gave up. **Update: I have finally received the free Bluebot after the support manually gave it to me. The next stage free AquaBot needs 2 Facebook invites, sigh...
  5. Blocks and Combos - I blocked while I stood still, not so effective. I have accidently pressed forward and blocked before (hints also stated that). Also, I have a 2% combo, I noticed I need to do different directional punches e.g. LP, RLP, ULP, HP. Perhaps practice it with the easiest time-based mode or local  LAN multiplayer mode. *Update: The game hints mentioned every robot has a unique heavy attack and that is true. Experment and usually there will be one that is the farthest and fastest. E.g. Asura & Midas-Gold is RH. Just be careful to retreat with double-tap L or RB (Right-Block) if you are too close or chain it with your own special. If you are good, even an Atom (90) can beat a Gold Zeus (263) with the 1-trick pony.
  6. Versus - After the initial Quick Match-up and you win, send a taunt (it's free anyway). Players will tend to revenge you and you will be able to see the stats of the player's robot from the Match Log and choose a matching or overwhelming robot you own to revenge him to get win streaks. Doing an unknown find player can often lead you to an overwhelming robot esp. if your win streaks are high. If you reject, your next find will be 1 gold, 2 gold not sure how many after that... likely to the power of 2.
I felt the game is not too difficult but a bit grindy even for those Pay-2-Win (P2W). Unless, you keep on dumping money to buy gold, you still need to grind for the upgrades after you bought the premium robots. Those that have patience can raise the robots to 4-stars. Kind of imagine the Gold 4-stars robots have out-of-this-world stats perhaps...

Stay tuned as I update you when I finish the game, owned and fully upgraded all the boss robots.

Now, I am at Gold Midas and almost fully upgraded. 2 more to go - Zeus and Trigore which have overwhelming statistics needs full upgrade.

**Update: I have beaten Trigore. I could not even wait for the full upgrade of power and special (1 short of and hp 2 short of) when I tried to clear Trigore. Gold Midas special long range RH definitely helped here. Now, it's routine upgrade of the rest of the owned robots while I grind for the gold coins. 2 options - go for Trigore or the boss robots. I still remain my gut feel of getting boss bots being the better choice. Leave me a comment otherwise.


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