Sunday, July 23, 2017

Clash of Kings (CoK) - The West Strategy

Well, I started playing Clash of Kings - The West (CoK TW) since there is not much development on Spartania.

LevelWinner has an excellent post on the basics so I will not be duplicating it here.

I will share with you my journey as I play along and learn the secrets of the game to be a successful gamer without or minimal spending in a game. I have experience playing Haypi Kingdom, Emross Wars and Avalon Wars. So this is a similar strategy game with new tricks to learn.

The first thing to know in this type of strategy games is to know how to hide your troops from being attacked even when you are strong enough. Why, you may ask? Losing resource is fine and part and parcel of the game. Losing troops on the other hand, is a double whammy. I cannot collect resources back to build back my troops and complete the quests, let alone help the alliance. Believe me, every strategy game I played would have given you one or a few loopholes to hide your troops since everybody needed to grow. Even when you are super strong, you can be taken down by rallied troops. Why fight a disadvantaged battle in which you cannot control when you can control and win? If one weak player or similar strength attacker marches towards you, you can instantly recall your troops within 3s and decimate him. If you detect a much stronger player or rallied force marching towards you, no point banging your head against the wall and die unnecessarily. Also, beware of the deadly advance teleport of either a super strong player or a few well coordinated allied players attack. Live to fight another day or better still, find a few allies and rally against him when he is opened.

Clash of Kings Club has an excellent post on hiding your troops but I will highlight the obvious and not so obvious but effective trick.

I will post more later.


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