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Battle Cats Units Guide

Final Stage/Level/Boss 3-48 Screenshot

Battle Cats Units Guide - Credits to Acextreme

In case someone desires a more scientific approach, here is a detailed list of damages for the important cats (if I don't bother to list them down, that just means they aren't worth your attention). This list should help you gauge which special cats you want to buy as well as how you strategize. Especially useful if you even want to beat Chapter 3-48 last boss!

As I did this when I only had the increase max attack power treasure from chapter 1, use these figures as a rough gauge. The treasures' effects stack so obviously your attack will be higher than what I listed here if you have 2 or more "increase max attack" treasures from the other chapters. And you are advised to get all the treasures because the last stage boss is incredibly hard to beat and if you do it right, you would need to use AT LEAST one god cat (instant production) in order to win; this first use is free but subsequent use require cat food (90 for that instant production activation), so please think wisely and carefully on when to use it. If you time it wrongly, unless you cheat, nothing will help you win. I have not known any methods of beating the game without one use of god cat, so if you do know, kindly post here. Otherwise, I will leave the fun of finding out how to beat that last cat to you; once you beat him, it's no fun anymore.

TIPS #1: Try it a few times to take note of what activates the last stage boss and experiment before you consider when you should use that free god cat. And note that your cats most likely will die in 1 hit from that boss, so plan on when to activate your god cat.

TIPS #2: That means it's a better idea to hit him hard than a sustained attack strategy since your cats die in 1 hit, or in the case of the great Valkyrie cat, 2 hits if all treasures acquired. So I would suggest high dmg over high dps; what use is dps if they don't survive for their next attack?

Here's the list (Sort by DPS, one "increase attack power" treasure, and fully upgraded to LVL 10 or 20; can't remember which level they are at when I did the tests):

Drunken cat = 7920 dmg / 1131.43 dps (7s per hit / 1s animation frame / AOE) is the animation means it will spend 1s dancing around before the real damage is dealt
Mythical Giant = 2016 dmg / 916.36 dps (2.2s per hit / AOE)
Great Valkyrie = 3600 dmg / 837.21 dps (4.3s per hit / AOE)
Whale cat = 1296 dmg / 720 dps (1.8s per hit)
Gangster cat = 2160 dmg / 635.29 dps (3.4s per hit / AOE)
UFO cat = 1188 dmg / 625.26 dps (1.9s per hit / AOE)
Dragon cat = 2520 / 600 dps (4.2s per hit)
Devil cat = 1440 dmg / 578.68 dps (1.97s per hit)
Executioner = 864 dmg / 576 dps (1.5s per hit)
Super Bondage = 720 dmg / 480 dps (1.5s per hit)
Super Mr = 252 dmg / 458.18 dps (0.55s per hit)
Giraffe cat = 93 dmg / 265.71 dps (0.35s per hit)

This is provided as a contribution so I don't owe anyone anything. If you are polite with your enquiries, I would help you if I have the time (which is quite a rare resource for me). If you come at me in a demanding tone, you will be ignored. Good luck with the game! I am sure this important information will aid you very much in your quest to beat the game. Have fun!

P.S. BTW, I only used 3 cats for the Chapter 3-48, of which 1 of them is a special cat (i.e. super bondage cat). Just in case you are wondering which special cat might be useful...

My comments: Drunken Kung-Fu cat seems to be the most promising.

*Update: Just reached 3-48 using the wave. Out of energy. Don't know whether to try with Kung-Fu cat at level 6 or get some more treasures and beef up Kung-Fu cat to level 20? Btw, he is cheaper and spawns faster than Valkyrie but I believe he can be easily hit or one-shot by the last boss. Valkyrie has more range and heard it can survive one hit with stamina treasure and full upgrades.

NameAttackStaminaMobilityAOE SplashBonus dmg against Red enemiesCombine look
Beautiful Legs-catMedLowMed--Yes
Mythical Giant-catHighMedMed--
Ninja Frog-catHighMedHigh--
Madame the sumoMedHighestMed--
Super Bondage-catMedHighestMed--
Drunken Kung Fu-catHighestHighMed--
Super Mr.HighestHighHigh---
Super MonekoMedHighestMed---
Great Valkyrie-catHighHighHigh--
Beyond Bahamut-catHighestHighHigh--

My comments: Hope this table helps you to decide which cat to get.


  1. have any ways to get best quality treasure?so difficult to get it...

  2. what about wild cat? can u tell me about it? its attack Stamina n mobility ?

  3. Can u tell me about wild cat? its attack stamina n mobility ?

  4. Hi, I'd like to ask a few things here.
    Firstly, I already maxed out my cat units' levels, but there is an option where I can revert the cats' looks back to its original looks. If I revert the cats' looks, will the stats of the cats be reverted as well?
    And one more is the level upgrades of the cats. What is the maximum level for the cats in the game?

  5. Hi Zac, thanks for scratching by this blog.

    I believe the cats' looks does not affect the stats. I can test it out by checking the damage when it hits the castle.

    Maximum level of cats is level 20, unlocked once you clear chapter 2. However, it's ironic because you really need the upgrade in Chapter 2's boss Emperor Nyandum. Just like you really need Bahamut cat in Chapter 3's boss Bun Bun Teacher. More ridiculous is that you do not need Bahamut cat in Challenge stage.

  6. Invite Code - nequ6

    small TIP/INFO about treasures:

    hi, i just played battle cats and looking for a pattern of some sort. and i've found that there's an order to what stage you should get it first before going to this and that. although i'm not 100% about this and i'm not 100% sure if it'll work for you too. but coincidentally, it worked for me.
    i started to have this thought when i can't find the other treasures in their respective stages. and i have read that most people say its luck. but i'm not sure if they're talking about the quality, or the treasure itself. so i tried to finish stages for a few times and didn't get a single treasure. so i thought maybe there's a pattern, maybe i need to first get this to get that.

    anyway here's the 'pattern'


    i'll repeat, these are the numbers of stages. the other numbers like 6-12. i really didn't gave it a thought. but i just finished stages 1-12. and around stage 10 or 12 i got some treasures and saw that there's a [treasure] category and inside, i saw that there are missing treasures, and when i tapped that slot. it showed me the stage where i can find it. so i hunt for it. and eventually led to this pattern. good luck! :)

    PS: i posted this because i had trouble finding those treasures, and didn't found an answer in the net. just in case. :)

    my Invite Code - nequ6

    please use my invite code to get 10,000 exp. and help me get moneko. thanks in advance! :)

  7. I defeated the last stage (bun bun teacher) without the use of any cat food.

    1. Make sure you have more than 90% for the treasures for money, stamina and cat cannons.

    2. Start with spamming tank cats. Summon dragon cats only when you have enough money, and level up working cat only when you have extra. You need to progress the castle as slowly as possible, so that you get a whole bunch of dragon cats, this helps to defeat the boss. Make sure the tank cat is consistent to protect dragon cats from any damage. By now, if u have all the treasures i have stated, your dragon cat can take 2 hits from the bun bun teacher.

    3. As soon as you start hitting the castle, spam macho cat and tank cat, but don't forget the dragon cats when its recharged. You might want to send out great valkyrie, it helps a lot to push the boss backwards so that your dragon cats don't get hit. If you see that your dragon cats are going to get hit soon, fire the cat cannon and send out cow cats to protect the dragon cats. But NEVER STOP the macho and tank, so equip the 5 cats side by side on the first page.

    You should be able to win with this. I've succeeded even when some of my treasures are below 70%. God cat no need to be used at all. Good luck! Just make sure only tank cat and dragon cats are summoned at the start. Because bun bun teacher comes out only when the tower is below 630 000 health. This will ensure you a whole bunch of dragon cats to keep shooting. The reason why i choose dragon cat because it has high attack power and long attack range.

  8. Currently still at Chapter 1, loving the game so far! Have read all your posts regarding Battle Cats! They're indeed helpful and informational, thanks!

    My code is e6y5d0. Please do help to get Moneko, appreciate it. Thanks and have fun people :)

  9. The battle cat has been updated


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