Monday, August 2, 2010

Convert SIM to Micro-SIM

I walked the talk by cutting the SIM to Micro-SIM myself with this measurements and tested it to be working.

*I take no responsibility for any damage to your SIM card, mobile phone, iPad or any other equipment.

IMPORTANT: Print 1-to-1 on an A4 size paper and follow the instructions.

Print out this free template
Another link

Remember to round the corners opposite the notch carefully or I recommend to use a nail filer or sand paper. Good luck!

Here is a link to Micro-SIM cutters in Amazon if you are skeptical.

*Update: Didn't know my template link was no longer working anymore. Updated link with a working template. Apologies. Also put in a link for the Micro-SIM cutter from Amazon if you are interested. I ought to be more responsible when my image appears first in the search. Put in a video by howto.cnet for clarity.
**Update: Goodness, the German website for the template link sold off their web URL. Added 2 more links I found.


  1. i tried this and it ended up intears broke my sim so i bought a microsim cutter tool from and it saved a few extra tears hahaha

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  3. Thank you for the template. I printed it and successfully cut my SIM to micro-SIM using scissors.

  4. Thanks buddy for providing a useful stuff. I haven't tried it yet but, sure to try it soon. Thanks for the measurements and the shots you have shared. Great & the unique post i have found.
    I am also using an iphone apllication, just try this. it will be helpful for you.

  5. Nice idea. I will try it must and will be back with the result. Thanks for sharing. en ucuz iphone

  6. You need to feedback when my template was not working. So embarrassing... Anyway, updated and improved everything.

  7. I try to do it myself and I could not, but thanks to you I did! try this
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