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Battle Cats Strategy (Part 1)

This type of games has very simple graphics, but a lot of depth in gameplay.

For all you know, this may be the latest craze like Angry Birds.

As a lover of strategy games - Haypi Kingdom, Emross Wars, Avalon Wars, Mushroom Wars, this strategy game naturally got me addicted.

I'll include a well written strategy by someone else (credits will be given) and also include my own experiences, which I always do for all my blogs for that personal touch.

There will be a 3-part series on the Battle Cats strategy.

General tips on beating levels (credits to JohnB)

Step 1: Increase working cat two or three times.
Step 2: When enemies draw near, send out tank cat to keep the castle safe.
Step 3: Continue upgrading working cat and sending out defensive cats.
Step 4: When the laser is charged, unleash it. This usually clears a path. If it doesn't, send out a few quick attackers (samurai, bovine, box of kittens) along with a gross cat to follow the pack of tank cats.
Step 5: Keep long range attackers and tank cats coming at a steady pace, allowing them to attack from relative safety. This takes out pretty much any enemy but works best with some close range attackers keeping enemy numbers thin.

Apart from one or two trip-ups, this has worked for me in every stage. Tank cat and gross cat are maxed out at level ten, with a few others upgraded to five or six. The laser's range is increased and working cat was upgraded in the shop to level five or so.

*My comments: I did upgrade my working cat. However, I find the 1st few levels too easy. May be better off upgrading Study to get more experience until later levels.

I believe tank and gross cats are fine until stage 17 which is my first lost. The Kan-Fu Penguins and Gorilla kills your castle too fast. Anyway, my tank and gross cats are only level 2 :-P I focus a lot on Study and Working Cat/Wallet. Need to up them a bit to see the effects.

*Update: After upgrading tank cat and gross cat progressively to level 10, I have been able to pass each stage the first time. Let's see...

**Update: Once you get Giant warrior cat, upgrade as much as possible to Mythical Giant-cat (level 10) as he makes the difference between winning and being overwhelmed. At stage 40+ (one of the stages), there are a lot of red enemies (esp. rhino). I lost and I am forced to upgrade my axe cat to brave-cat (level 10), then I can overwhelm the enemy. At stage 46, they keep spawning squirrels very quickly and my giraffe-cat (cow cat level 10) cannot even come out in time. So I change strategy to upgrade cat to macho-cat (level 10) and castle as well. Let's see.

Cat Units Summary

Standard Cats (Stage 10 Evolved)
Cat (Macho-cat) - Basic unit with a low summoning cost. Good for early in the game but quickly loses usefulness as you progress.
Tank cat (Wall-cat) - A great low-cost defensive unit with a minimum attack ability (5-10 damage on highest level). Use in groups as a shield for more powerful units who can attack from a longer range.
Axe cat (Brave-cat) - Quick on their feet with a good attack power and reasonable summoning cost, axe cats are great all-purpose attackers that only get better as they level up. Strong against red enemies.
Gross cat (Beautiful legs-cat) - Tall and awkward in appearance, these cats are quite strong and can attack from a longer distance. Excellent when paired with tank cat for protection.
Cow cat (Giraffe-cat) - An extremely fast unit that is great for last-ditch efforts. Fast attack speed works well against fortresses.
Bird cat (UFO-cat) - A flying cat with a very weak defense but strong attack power.
Fish cat (Whale-cat) - Similar to the long legs cat, fish cat can attack from a greater distance than most cats.
Lizard cat (Dragon-cat) - Essentially an upgrade of fish cat
Giant warrior cat (Mythical Giant-cat) - A massive unit with a high summoning cost. Makes up for it with immense power and defense. Has a long range attack.

Special Cats (Stage 10 Evolved)
God cat - Summon during battle to damage all enemies.
Ninja cat (Frog ninja-cat) - Similar to axe cat in most respects but more powerful when it reaches level ten.
Sumo cat (Madame the sumo) - An upgrade to tank cat that can attack multiple enemies at once. Better defense score and slightly higher attack. Not really worth the high cat food cost until very late in the game.
Samurai cat (Knight-cat) - A better version of the basic cat.
Zombie-cat (Devil-cat) -
A pack of cats (Gang-cat) - A group of kittens in a box that are like a better version of cow cat. Very fast on their feet with an average attack speed but higher than average attack power.
Afro-cat (Carnival-cat)
Bondage-cat (Super Bondage-cat)
SM-cat (Executioner)
Kungfu-cat (Drunken Kungfu-cat)
Actress-cat (Mother-cat)
Skirt-cat (Tights-cat)
Panties-cat (Happa-cat)
Mr. (Super Mr.)
Valkyrie-cat (Great Valkyrie-cat)
Bahamut-cat (Beyond Bahamut-cat)
Moneko (Super Moneko) - Unlocked by inviting ten people to the game. Moneko is cheap to summon and has extremely high attack and defense. Slow to move on the battlefield and very slow to recharge for next summon.

*My comments: Lol, I suspect that the developers are either into S&M or have some kind of fetish or both.

Tips for XP usage, Upgrades, and Items
  • Don't spread your XP usage out too much. It's better to have one or two high level cats than many medium level ones.
  • Focus building one defense cat, one fast attack cat, one fast moving cat, one cat with longer attack range, and one heavy hitting cat. Good choices for each are tank cat, ninja cat, box of cats (or cow cat), gross cat, and giant cat.
  • Conserve cat food as best you can. Do not spend it on increasing your energy, just wait an hour or two for it to refill.
  • For the non-cat upgrades in the shop, focus on increasing your wallet size and working cat's speed first. Things like increasing your castle defense or laser range should be a low priority, especially if you use the strategy listed above.
  • Most of the special cats purchased with cat food are quite good, but the high cat food cost makes them difficult to obtain. Focus on building your army of regular cats before considering these extra teammates.
*My comments: Remember to upgrade Study. It helps when you redo same battles. Perhaps upgrading cow cats may help to win battles quickly to get more XP.

Tips for getting Treasure
  • Getting treasure in a stage seems to be a function of how quickly you complete it. The faster you win, the higher your chance of getting treasure, though it's never a 100% chance.
  • Treasure qualities are inferior, normal, and best. Which quality of treasure you receive is random.
  • Focus on small groups of levels at a time. Treasure bonuses only really matter when they fill out full sections on the treasure list.
  • Use the Game Speed Up tokens before you enter a stage to dramatically increase your chances of earning treasure.
*My comments: Remember cow cat? Use it on the low levels.

How Invitations work

  • Once you reach level 7 you can use and share invite codes to unlock bonuses from the title screen. Tap the icon on the lower right to access the invites menu.
  • You can only use one invite code. Doing so nets you 10,000XP.
  • Each time someone uses your code, you get a prize. Return to the invites menu to claim your gift.
  • After ten invites you get Moneko, a rare and powerful cat warrior. You don't receive additional gifts after ten people use your code.
*My comments: Thanks everyone, I got Moneko. It's not automatic, you need to manually receive all the 10 gifts.


Moneko is a singer standing on an upturned box of "cat beer". You unlock her after ten people use your invite code.

Moneko's weaknesses:
  • Very slow movement speed.
  • Short attack range with fairly slow attack frequency.
  • Long recharge time. You'll be lucky if you can summon her twice in one stage.
Moneko's strengths:
  • Low summoning cost of 99.
  • Very strong defense and is rarely knocked back.
  • High attack damage. A level 7 Moneko deals around 800 damage, which is nearly ten times that of many level 10 cats.

To be continued...


  1. Nice strategy guide, it really helped! Could you guys help me get MONEKO too? My code is: emq7vr
    Thanks :D

  2. Thanks, can you post a good strategy for level 46? Also, my code is wiah0

  3. It in Battle Cats Strategy (Part 2).
    Anyway, max cannon, max cats and get treasures for money and unit production (60-80%). Sent Wall cats until you have enough money to send out the wave together: Mythical Giant cat, Dragon cat, Whale cat, UFO cat, beautiful legs cat.

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