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Battle Cats Final Level Final Stage 3-48 (Video)

Battle Cats Final Stage 3-48 - credits to dio brando for link and Japanese comrade for video

Battle Cats last stage in Japanese, but you can kind of figure out how it is done. I am also looking at how fast his production cool down is and infer that he has max money production, unit production, stamina and attack power with treasures completed in all those areas.

He is completely spamming the screen with wall-cats and later with macho-cats as well. Same trick of not attacking the tree straight away until you max out money capacity. But it seems that he didn't need all the money at all! The last boss, Bun Bun Teacher almost broke through, no more Valkyries...

Credits to Samloi
Just to share how I have beaten the last boss, similar to the spoiler video with a bit variation (can't defeat boss using that method)

1) 100% for income, production speed, stamina, attack power, recharge speed. 80% and above for cannon attack, income for destroyed dogs. All cats max level. My comments: Perhaps planning to max out wall-cat, giraffe-cat (clear early stages), dragon-cat, Valkyrie and macho-cat should be enough since that's all the units that were used. Of course the techs and treasure should be maxed if possible. Esp. those related to money production, unit production, money gained, and cat units related techs.
2) When first kangaroo comes close to base, keep spamming wall cat.
3) Spam Valkyrie when possible.
4) Once Valkyrie is out, spam dragon cat. At this stage, spam Wall cat, Valkyrie and dragon cat.
5) You will find yourself attacking the boss castle. Once boss castle reach 85000, spam Wall Cat, Valkyrie, Dragon cat and Muscle cat. My comments: Use ©wall-macho-time-spawn-method©. See my comments at the bottom of the post.
6) Once the Valkyries are knocked out (you should have 3 at this time), spam Wall Cats, Valkyrie, Muscle Cat, Dragon cat and Brave Cat. My comments: Yes, he meant the 3 Valkyries knocked out. Bun Bun Teacher closing in. Keep cool and use ©wall-macho-time-spawn-method©. Sent out gin-gang wave TOGETHER and Valkyrie later (Valkyries move faster). Use cat-cannons.
7) Use cat cannon when possible.
8) Win and get Bahumut

*Updates: Din0saurus wrote - Completed the game using Japanese comrade YouTube strategy, finally!! No need 100% buffs. Money, production and stamina above 80% good enough already.

**Updates: I cannot even survive the chapter 3 stage 48 first kangaroo. My chapter 3 treasures are lacking so back to grinding.

*My comments: Thanks everyone, I got Moneko. It's not automatic, you need to manually receive all the 10 gifts. I almost finished upgrading her up to level 20 and will use her to test out stage 3-48, after I completed stage 3-48 without her. I want to test out with and without her to see whether it is possible to complete by normal means and no cat food. Guess what, the final boss is called Bun Bun Teacher, seeesh! I would have expected the name to be more evil, more powerful, more whatever, like Satan or Devourer, but Bun Bun Teacher, "censored"!

***Updates: Tried last stage 3-48 3 times, failed 3 times. Ouch! Managed to survive the first kangaroo and reached the last boss Bun Bun Teacher with full 10.5k cap money. Pumping out tank-cats and later macho-cats to stall the final boss. 1st try too excited. Pump out the wave instead of slowly accumulating the Valkyries and dragon-cats. 2nd try, managed to knock back the final boss, but once Valkyries die, the final boss just attack faster than any of my units including Kung-Fu cat. Third try similar fate. Study the video again. Noticed that he stacked at least 3 Valkyries together. Once left 2 Valkyries, the defence started to crumble. Not a single unit individually is able to dish out an attack faster than the final boss and he one-shot everything. Money dries up and die. I concluded that my money, unit production treasures are not fast enough and also stamina and attack treasures still not there yet.

****Updates: The subsequent tries managed to knock back the final boss Bun Bun Teacher a few times. However, the knock backs were not sustainable and the defence eventually crumbled. I have not tried again, but I have fully upgraded my cat cannon to max despite knowing the longer recharge time. Anyway, if I really want to kill him, let's max everything. I am doing the treasure festival and treasure chances to try to get best quality treasures for money, unit production, stamina and attack. Perhaps also cat cannon attack (my recharge is 300% already). I am really trying to finish it without cat food, though I have 126 cat food. One of the main problem is the Bun Bun Teacher's attack is faster than any of your individual big guns and my money dries up as no scrap mobs. With my next try, I will not panic by sending out individual units after he manages to clear the frontline. Slow him down with wall-cats and macho-cats, but send out the whole gin gang in a wave perhaps. It is really quite sad that the last stage is not about strategy, but ends up with either grinding almost all best quality treasures or using cat food to call god-cat. Perhaps that is why they designed battle cats with the god-cat in mind. When all hopes are lost, call for god-cat... OMG!

*****Final Update: I was so fed-up that I activated God-cat's baby boom, yet I still lost! Best treasures on all unit production (almost all best treasures in money and unit departments), mind you.
I re-studied the video over and over again, this time paying close attention to every detail (less translating from Japanese to English). Finally, I managed to win. Still, I used cat-food to heal.
LISTEN CAREFULLY: The most important thing is THE SUMMONING TIMING between the MACHO-CAT and the WALL-CAT. What? Yes, the timing of summoning a macho-cat has to be at the half-way point of the cooldown of the wall-cat. The summoning of the wall-cat will naturally fall in place at slightly over the half-way cooldown point of the macho-cat. ALWAYS KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE COOLDOWN, DO NOT WATCH THE BATTLE less you get distracted. You will lose if you spam blindly. This is my experience.

If you must use God-cat's baby boom, do it when the income is still pouring in from killing scrap mobs. I felt stupid when I activated God-cat when Bun Bun Teacher popped out and I could summon only 3 Valkyries and income dried up. It stayed on for a good full minute but I had NO INCOME. Stupid!

Good luck Battle Cats!

******One more Update: (I thought u said last?) I cleared the second time just now using Japanese comrade method. This time round without using cat-food heal (but more best treasures), just to prove to you that it can be done without cat-food. The ©wall-macho-time-spawn-method© is crucial to delay Bun Bun Teacher to get a few knock backs at the initial defence. After he broke through my defence, I continued to use the ©wall-macho-time-spawn-method© to delay him enough to call Valkyries and the whole gin-gang wave twice and my cat cannons could also recharge and fire 2 more times (all max upgraded). He finally RIP.

*******One more last Update: (better be last) Saw in YouTube, someone cleared with tank, girrafe and bicycle cats to stall Bun Bun Teacher, instead of ©wall-macho-time-spawn-method©. I have not tried that myself but YouTube proof.

********Alicia Devon Koo's Update: Complete battle cats stage 3 with minimal treasures! I read through and I felt she did really really well to complete the game in 2 weeks. That's what I called focus.

Link in more. Post getting a bit long here. Video choppy but proof.

Good luck Battle Cats!!!


  1. Finished the game using the method with the bike cats. It does not carry a 100% chance; I actually did some delay on making wall cats when I had about 5 dragon cats, so the push will be slower. I spawned valkyrie cats when the wave is just reaching the enemy tower. Then bike cats, wall cats, giraffe cats as long as my cat limit holds. :D

  2. I believe you meant max level bicycle cats. They might work as they fired from range thus causing knock-back.


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