Friday, June 4, 2010

Ancient War iPhone Strategy - Totem as Shield

1. Using Your Totem as Temporary Shield

This basic strategy uses your Totem to act as a shield while your units can enjoy free hits behind your Totem. Also, the Fireball cannot hit units behind the Totem Pole.

This can be done...
using ground melee/range or air melee units (air units sometimes being less effective as opposition units sometimes,some how can still attack the units behind your Totem). I usually deploy melee units as they are cheaper and produce faster.

The tricky timing is to deploy your unit as the opposition unit is approaching the Totem, using the front of the Totem as the half-way meeting point. To be on the safe side, the opposition unit should strike your Totem once, then your unit starts attacking their units, to reduce your Totem's damage to the minimum while not exposing your units to attack.  You can also deploy multiple units in succession since your food will be maximized and also your units will be more packed as they are deployed closer to your Totem.

This strategy has a danger as mass highly/fully upgraded units (especially Infantry and Hippograph) can destroy your Totem even before you kill the opposition units. Also, you will not be able to reach ground/air range/splash units behind.

This leads to my next strategy post - Splash Damage. Stay tuned.


  1. Loving the guides, totally stuck on about the 8th tribe though when they have lots of air units. Going through some of the earlier levels to try and upgrade my units to compete. Trying to max out cavalry as a meat shield and wizard since 3/4 of them take out most things quickly!

    Any ideas? Help?

  2. I'm glad you made it this far. I realised computer opponent is the same after a while. They cannot out-smart you, so they out-number you. Well, it is only fair that you have Meteor and they have more numbers.

    Concentrate fully on air if you want to win the tribes with air. Max out Totem and Meteor if you want to win more consistently.

    If you really want the money to upgrade, move back one tribe that you have air and they don't (Vilebranch). Build Dragonhawk and win the battle. You will probably get around 3K/win. Upgrade Dragonhawk to the max. Followed by Hippogryph to the max. Then at least level 1 of Adaliz against mass air. If you really want to have a higher chance of winning, upgrade your Meteor, Totem to the max. before venturing.

    Using Dragonhawk for the ground, Hippogryph against the air with my tactics and timing your Meteor to obilerate the ground and air troops, you should be able to win by a small margin.

    Why? When their totems are under attack, they will have an unusual amount of troops (including dinosaurs for defense) gushing out. It is like a see-saw battle and sometimes, the luck of the recharged Meteor is critical.

    PS: Fully upgraded Infantry are better meatshields than cavalry as they can be produced faster and more at a lower cost.

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