Thursday, June 21, 2012

Avalon Wars - New Regiment Formations

Avalon Wars - New Regiment Formations

I saw some TOP new formations used by TOP players to share with you.

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T9 :1:Ghost 3:Ghost 4:Hawk 6:Medic 8:Engineer

Great tactic against ARROW Formation (credits to T9).
You have to kill NOT 1, BUT 2 ghosts to stop the charging!
Ghost units naturally have higher defence,
combined with ghost experts & NDA armor to make it tough to 1-shot KO the ghosts.

Charged Salsaash/Chi/4-stripe Hawk expert with NDA amp for the kill.

Medic with rare/NDA shields are protected by the high defensive ghosts experts to heal the Biotics to last longer.

Tabunzal Engineer expert to repair the lone Hawk to make it extra difficult to kill.

I have seen T9 with 15 kills lasted till the end of the Bounty battle.

*Update: Recently saw him swapped the 8th position engineer for medic as his hawk is invincible.

Wytukazzz :1:Ghost 3:Navigator 4:Hawk 6:Medic 8:Engineer

A slight modification (credits to Wytukazz).
150% instead of 100% charge-up for a more powerful attack.

Defensively, the lone ghost will be the key stone pivot point.
Also, if it misses... Once it is taken out, it will be much less effective.
But as long as the ghost and nav holds, it is a killer.

Leo :1:Navigator 3:Navigator 4:Hawk 6:Ghost 8:Engineer/Medic

A slight modification for the super charge-up (credits to Leo).
First round 100% charge-up to kill average Synthetics/weak Biotics.
Subsequently, 200% if the Ghost hits. Guaranteed at least 100% by the 2 expert Navs.

Super strong attack.

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