Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Samsung Note 2 vs iPhone 5

Does size really matter?

In the green (Android) corner, we have Note 2 Hulk.
In the red (Apple) corner, we have iPhone 5 Thor.

Let the fight begin...
Ding! Ding!

Round 1 - Body

Note 2 Giant Hulk threw huge left and right screen hooks at iPhone 5.
iPhone 5 Tall Thor countered with a high resolution screen uppercut back at Note 2.

The crowd roared in approval for more screen size action.
The judges awarded a point to Hulk.

Hulk's body seemed to have undergone plastic surgery.
While, Thor's body was still as solid as aluminium metal.

The crowd gasped as both super heroes bodies fell to the floor.
Hulk's body took a beating and judges awarded the body-shot point to Thor.

Hulk's body was huge.
Thor's body was tall and slim with dexterity.

However, Hulk does have some nifty tricks with one hand.
The crowd and judges could not arrive to a decision.

Remember to get a casing/cover with corner protector and screen protector for Hulk. I know my relative's friend dropped and broke the screen in the first week and complaints from colleagues of cracked corners and dented sides when dropped.
Well, Hulk IS heavy-weight (180 kg... I mean 180 g).

You should see the size of the smartphones in the Korean drama and the Korean actress was carrying, slightly smaller than the iPad mini!

Personally, I like to have a bigger yet still manageable screen. Easy on the eyes and ability to do real multi-tasking.
I use the phone to see/read/play more than I talk now.

Round 1
Winner: Hulk (Note 2)

Round 2 - Brains

To be continued...


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