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Battle Cats (Challenge Mode)

Challenge Mode

*My comments: Thanks everyone, I got Moneko. It's not automatic, you need to manually receive all the 10 gifts. Personally, I have tried the challenge mode at all non-cat-food cats and techs max at level 10 with money production, stamina, attack treasures completed at about average 60% increase. I still cannot defeat the two red-head Buddhas. I tried stalling them by pumping small units and also giraffe-cat with the "wave" and fire cat-cannons but unable to hold them back. Update: Just completed challenge mode. Completing more treasures with a mix of medals certainly helps. Now to try to win 2-48.

Back to completing treasures for chapter 1 & 2 perhaps, or try it when I get Valkyrie Cat after completing chapter 2. Btw, there are 3 chapters of 48 levels each.

In a nutshell,
  • Always have 2 wall-cats (level 10 evolved tank cat) on the field against squirrels stream until max-out worker cat and money . Then, continuously pump out wall and beautiful leg cats while keeping money max.
  • Pump out Mythical Giant warrior cat, dragon-cat, whale-cat, beautiful legs cat and UFO-cat in a wave when money is maxed
  • When it goes under 90,000 and 10,000 a black "assassin bear" is spawned. The only thing that will kill the assassin bear is a cannon blast so if it isn't ready, you are DEAD.

Do not pump out the "wave" while the kangaroos are pinned at their tree, let them advance so that your wave does not trigger the 90K mark. The assassin bear may kill your wave or worse, waves and then you have nothing left for the kangaroos.

Also fire your cat cannon early (it takes time as it sprays across the entire screen) to pre-empt the bear from destroying all your waves.

- Credits to Traf Pani
'Challenge' mode is unlocked after you beat the game first time round.

The good thing is it costs no energy to play, bad part is until you have MAX'd everything out (usually towards the end of completing chapter 2) it isn't even worth trying challenge mode.

Ok so to beat challenge mode is pretty straight forward once you know what is going on and have unlocked a bit of treasure and MAX'd things out a bit.

The round starts out with a stream of squirrels, do not be tempted to put out any fast offensive units yet!

Put out one tank cat and start leveling up 'worker cats' (the button at bottom left of screen that speeds up money production). When two squirrels are beating on your tank cat put a second one out. Have two tank cats alive at once at the start of the game, no more!

By the time your tank cats are nearly at the enemy tower you should have MAX'd out worker cats and have almost full money.

As soon as your tank cats start hitting on the enemy tower a stream of kangaroos spawn, if your tank cats still haven't reached the tower by the time your money is nearly full spawn a cow cat to get the party started. Once the kangaroos ALL spawn (a few spawn a short time after the first lot) hit them with the cat cannon and spend all of your money on the big hitting units, I buy: Giant warrior cat, lizard cat, fish cat, gross cat and bird cat all at once.

Spawn these units in a group otherwise the kangaroos will kill them a lot easier one at a time.

As soon as your money is getting back up around $3500 spawn another set of the units I just listed. When the kangaroos start dieing be ready to spend all the money you get from them on every kind of unit.

Now whatever you do DO NOT FIRE THE CANNON again, keep it.

Now this is the key to beating challenge mode: If you notice the enemy tower (a tree) has a sign hanging on it saying "do not touch", there is a reason for that, it has 99999 hit points, when it goes under 90000 a black "assassin bear" is spawned, then again when the tower goes under 10000. The only thing that will kill the assassin bear is a cannon blast so if it isn't ready you are DEAD.

By the time I attempted challenge mode I had MAX'd out the cat cannon in both stats (damage and recharge time), so I am not sure if any power level cannon will kill the assassin bear or just a max'd out one.

No unit has any chance at all against assassin bear, I have had $15000 worth of troops on the battlefield and he has killed them all then my tower in a few seconds.

Once you kill the first assassin bear and start hitting the tower again one red Buddha head will spawn, just keep producing giant warrior, lizard, fish, gross and bird cats and then any other units you have spare money for, do not let your money sit at max without using it.

Once you kill the first Buddha head and hit the tower a little more three more Buddha heads spawn (two faster moving red ones and a white one), just keep spawning units in the same way.

Now cannon usage during this Buddha head phase is somewhat dependent on how MAX'd out your cannon is and also what treasure and quality of treasure you have unlocked, there are two sets of treasure relating to the cannon one that increases power and one that reduces recharge time. Currently I have both of these unlocked in Chapter 1 only and with a mix of different quality treasure. I find I can get one cannon shot off at the solo Buddha head and two shots off at the three Buddha heads and still have my cannon recharged for the final assassin bear, although sometimes it is touch and go.

Once the Buddha heads are down the last challenge is the final Assassin bear, have your cannon ready and actually try to preempt him coming out (when the enemy tower goes below 10000hp) because he will wipe all of your units out in fractions of a second.

Once the final assassin bear is gone it is just a race to destroy the enemy tower. the quicker you do the challenge the more points you get.

*My comments: Thanks everyone, I got Moneko. It's not automatic, you need to manually receive all the 10 gifts.


  1. I neared a myth that the assasin bear can also be killed by bahamut cats precise timing of its attack when the assasin bear just pops out

  2. Thanks for sharing! Previously I was always stumped at the kangaroos part, but I tried your strategy of 2 wall cats at a time and the canon, it worked for me so thank you! :)

  3. To jacob, not tested killing assasin bear with Bahamut myself or seen it on any video, so no comments.

    To Joanna, glad to be of help.

  4. Hi. The assasin bear cannot be killed by a level 8 cat cannon without treasure. Just when I killed the kangaroos, I was like "Yesssss...NOOOOOOOOO!!!! GO DIE" then i lost. BTW the assasin bear does 3000 damage in one shot. that's roughly 3 dragon cats attacking and 1.5 valkyries

  5. Hi SLim

    It's not the damage of the Assasin Bear but the speed that it attacks like a windmill. No big guns can get a shot in (maybe giraffe, Mr, gangster cats can get a shot in).


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