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Battle Cats Strategy (Part 2)

Levels 46-48 - credits to Traf Pani

My tactic of using mainly axe, fish and cow cats worked right through until 45. But 46 onwards I had to rethink tactics a little.

My comments: Similarly, I used tank, gross and giant cats (all level 10) and reached level 44. Level 45 needs axe-cat as a lot of red enemies. Update: Just saw whale-cat (level 10 fish-cat) is also strong against red enemies with splash damage.

The big trouble is the bear, I was able to take out one using my original tactic (see my post above) in level 45 but in 46 where there are two bears at one time, this just didn't work.

My comments: Level 45 with one bear, I used the giraffe-cat (level 10 cow) to knock back the bear. At level 46, I have trouble too. So, I upgraded castle (wasted), cat (wasted) and cannon power (not tried out yet). Actually, the axe and tank cats will kill the stream of squirrels just fine.

First off I played all earlier levels and got all treasure (of any kind, I didn't wait to get best quality treasure). Unlocking all the earlier treasures gives you that little edge you need for the later levels.

By the time I had gotten all the treasure I was able to level up all of the units I use to max, which is also important.

My comments: By getting the experience to get all the treasures, you would have enough experience to upgrade the cannon power and perhaps lizard cat to dragon-cat.

Another change of tactic I used was the cannon, I didn't increase it's power (since this also increases its recharge time, but I did increase everything else). Now although I initially didn't like the cat cannon once you have increased its range and increased its recharging speed to max it is useful, not in killing the hard enemies so much but slowing them down and clearing the scrap mobs.

My comments: A bit confused, but I believe he is trying to say cannon power makes recharging slower. I believe the cannon power may be needed to wipe-out the Teacher bears. It seems that they are invincible, but we'll see with cannon power 10.

The scrap mobs are the things that kill you not the big enemies, the scrap mobs move in all of you big units use their hits on the scrap then the big enemies wipe you out.

My comments: The computer is using the same tactic as you t(^_^(t. Wall in front, giant or long-range behind.

The trick to winning the later levels is pushing them back to their tower and keeping them there, I have won many battles with their big mob still alive (usually the bear or elephant etc) and just knock down the enemy tower right in front of it by just pushing it back and overwhelming it. The long range mobs stand further back and can avoid hits as long as you have a frontline of protective troops like cat, axe cat, cow cat, tank cat, sumo cat or giant warrior cat as long as they are in front taking hits your long range mobs (gross, fish and lizard cat) will be safe.

Another thing I found useful at the later levels is gross cat is the longest range cat and is even better than fish or lizard cat in terms of staying back and getting hits without being hit themselves, plus they only cost 400, so maxing gross cat to max was very important.

So for levels 46-48 I did the following and won first time (even level 48 without using any special items or GOD cat, and the only cat food bought cat I have is sumo cat and I ended up just using tank cat):

Increase money production speed (the button at bottom left of screen during gameplay) whenever you can and try to get it to MAX but never at the cost of letting the enemies advance too far forward, I would spawn axe cat, cow cat and gross cats in that order, then after doing that two or three times I would spawn a giant warrior cat. I would throw in an axe cat or tank cat whenever I had a bit of spare change for good measure.

Never waste money by letting it get to MAX and always be ready to buy something when that huge amount of money comes in for killing that big boss. Buy a lot of units just before you think you are going to kill a big enemy because you can waste thousands of dollars if you are at max money and you kill the bear or Buddha head boss etc.

Always use the laser whenever enemies are in range and it has recharged to slow them down and knock them back. Once you have them pinned back at their base just keep spawning units to keep the flow coming and keep them pressed because you can actually damage their tower while the big enemies are still alive.

*My comments: I will try with the maxed out cannon power to kill the bears. Update: Watch out for the Challenge stage tactic, it can be used for in-game as well.

I actually killed the final Buddha head boss before I pushed him back just using this tactic first go (having all treasures unlocked really helps).

Now once you finish the game first time round "Chapter 2" and "Challenge mode" open, Chapter 2 is basically exactly the same as 1 but units cost considerably more and it also costs a lot more energy to play each level, however the levels are no harder and the same tactics will work:

Lvls 1-15 Just spawning cow cats almost always gets the job done
Lvls 16-45 Axe cat, Cow Cat, gross/fish/lizard cat tactic works fine
Lvls 46-48 The tactic I just discussed above.

You unlock a special Valkyrie Cat character for beating chapter 2.

Challenge mode is a different story do not bother with this unless you have unlocked all treasure and maxxed everything out, it really is a challenge, it costs no energy to play but is VERY VERY hard, 6 kangaroos spawn seconds into the round and it only gets worse from there.......good luck.

*My comments: Thanks everyone, I got Moneko. It's not automatic, you need to manually receive all the 10 gifts. Update: Failed at stage 2-48. Cannot get enough money and pump out units fast enough. Got to work on completing those 2 treasures.

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