Thursday, August 22, 2013

iPhone 5S

Speculations for iPhone 5S to be launched on 10 Sep 2013. Here are the list of new features at a glance.

  • Fingerprint Sensor On Convex Home Button
  • Size - same as iPhone 5 (4-inch). Reuters reported in June that Apple is also testing 4.7-inch and 5.7-inch screens for iPhone 6 that will launch next year.
  • 12-Megapixel Camera With Slow-Motion Video (120 frames/s)
  • Double The Flash, Double The Fun - dual LED flash
  • Composition - The iPhone 4 and 4S have glass backs, and the iPhone 5's housing is made of aluminium. Apple may be switching again, predicts BGR's Jonathan Geller. This time? Liquidmetal, an "indestructible" alloy that's twice as strong as titanium. As Engadget noted, Apple last year extended its exclusive agreement with Liquidmetal through 2014.
  • Color - Black, White And Gold

*I believe Apple is missing the whole point. What people really need is

  1. Longer Battery Life
  2. Bigger Screen Size
  3. Waterproof

For bigger screen size, there are creative ways like foldable, phones that can expand or project images in the air like a hologram or into glasses like Google glass. Kind of futuristic for forward thinking.


  1. The points remarkable and one should consider as per iphone's popularity. Even though it is costlier so everyone can't afford it. I am hiring iPhone developers to get innovation apps for clients and users.

  2. i hope iPhone 5S come with cool apps and features.
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