Thursday, August 29, 2013

Plants vs Zombies 2 Strategy

20 tips to mastering ‘Plants vs. Zombies 2’

Extract with *my comments

*Treasure Yeti - Stop him from running away with a Wall-nut. Cheap and simple.

1. Try Plant Food on all the different plants. Some plants you may have dismissed might have really powerful Plant Food effects.

*Personally, I have tried it on Iceberg Lettuce to freeze all Zombies & put out fire in multiple torches esp. in the final wave. Iceberg Lettuce still alive & able to reuse plant food on it again if desperate. May be a good idea to leave 1 slot free to plant that in the back-end.
*Interesting to read that it can be used on Wall-Nut to last a very long time!
*Default, you can only store 3 plant food. Use it when the 4th comes along, else you cannot store it.

2. Don’t hoard your Plant Food — using one early on a Sunflower will let you get your defenses up fast.

*and I was so stingy... Also quite often, you NEED to use all plant food on Sunflower to complete star levels with minimum Sun collected requirements.

5. Use Potato Mines on the first one or two zombies in a level so you can focus on getting Sunflowers out quickly.

*Never thought of that, but consider it takes up a valuable slot. Also certain star stages do not allow more than 1 or 2 plant deaths. They will warn you during the selection. Same for Iceberg Lettuce

6. Collect suns, coins, and Plant Food all at once by swiping — it’s much faster and easier than tapping a bunch.

*That's helpful

*For star stages that have time constraint, e.g. killing 10 zombies within 15 seconds, just use the coins to flick them off the screen. Quite tough to kill them all at once, perhaps plant food on multiple Cabbage-pult may work but if you time them wrongly especially when the last wave is not out yet, it will be certain death.

*I cleared Ancient Egypt and reached Pirate Seas. The star stages are usually a trade-off between resources, objectives & defense. Ancient Egypt star stages are usually cleared with Bonk Choy & Wall-Nut combos (What else if you are so constraint? Boring...) with perhaps a Double Peashooter in a graveyard free lane. Kind of stressed trying to complete the star objectives compared with playing the story stages and previous version 1. Not as fun as seeing the natural storyline to get new plants which you yearn to see "What's new?".

*You can have different profiles for different family members to play with.

*NOTE: I really urge all game developers to adopt a "save profile to servers". That way, anybody can log in to any device to retrieve their progress. Also you do not have to replay all over again if you install it on another device.
It should be a de-facto standard for all games to be able to save game profiles and progress on servers, period.

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