Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Hero Academy Strategy - Advance

Faction Guides

With the Hero Academy ported to Android, it's time to get ready for battle.

Super good guides but difficult to search and refer every time.

Extracted from

Credits to Tabby_nat for compilation.
Credits to ArtNJ, Slftfr, Johnjanitor and Nwai

They always said Crystal Kill (CK) vs Technical Knock-Out (TKO), but it has to flow from board domination or play the board.

I have been playing for a while now perhaps I can share some of my experience.
  • Council - CK (even when I am losing), perhaps of the Knight. They cannot easily dislodge the knight except impaler. Even the Knight themselves as most put a unit behind.
  • Dark Elves - TKO (a few with CK if they suddenly become very defensive)
  • Dwarves - CK (my worst team, Paladin/Annihilator always came late), others using Dwarves won me a lot (whether I'm aggressive or not)
  • Tribe - TKO (lately being losing esp. notice that it has no mass destruction. They just clump up and defend hard)
  • Shaolin - TKO (against me, after Dragon and Bamboo my healers)
  • TF2 - TKO/CK

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