Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Avalon Wars PvP 7 (Update)

Avalon Wars 7th PvP

PvP for Bootes, Capriconus, Lyra and Sagittarius.

Winner: Bootes

This PvP will be held after several servers merged and this will make the Pvp interesting as it will test the teamwork of the newly merged servers how they fight alongside or against each other...

As usual, I will provide you live sleepless commentary while I try to stay alive in the game.

Today 26 Mar 2014 GMT+2 (10AM SG Time), enrollment has already started.

Tomorrow 28 Mar 2013 GMT+7 (3PM SG Time), the gruelling PvP will begin.

Like to highlight the differences from previous PvP
  • You will randomly get a 4-start PvP hero (standard heroes removed)
  • Lottery in PvP world changes, increased quantity and quota of credits in allocation
  • If you survived from the PvP world, you can take back the Domistals you left in PvP server.

Surprisingly, this PvP started off much smoother than the previous PvPs. Perhaps the Beta PvP really helped. I got Phi (a PvP 4-stripe Ghost expert). After a few rounds of using ghost, I was pretty experienced with them. This PvP also saw a few changes(see above). The troop change to be able to get ghost earlier was a welcoming change. I was 2 hrs late starting the PvP because of a meeting. Just had to play catch-up. Reaching Lvl 12 and Maroon Sea was like a walk in the park.

When the protection period of 24 hrs wore off, I was already at Carribean. On a Saturday or weekend, it was just not feasible for me to play. My wife would snipe me if I sniped targets. So it was just building whenever I could.

I remembered I got my ghost on day 2. Still sticking to my strategy to camp at Carrib, and lived off the colonies, I started to snipe targets whenever I can. I sped up my buildings until I reached the level which I could research my favorite Hook formation. This time, however, templars would be my biggest enemy because my ghost would get hit this round. Strangely, not many people use them. So, I was off the hook (pun not intended). Strangely, people stuck to lancers. I was laughing inside.

Bootes had the most participation. But winning was not based on participation. It was based on survival x kills. Simple maths would be just sum up the 2 stats. Morale was pretty high although I believe Capri had a few big spenders. Again, Naga had a lock on me early on (what's new?). You did not have to be the top player to survive, just top 25% would work. Our server's teamwork was pretty good.

Staying at Caribbean helped me in getting resources and able to sustain for the early till mid-stages of the PvP. However, it did not really helped in getting me kill-shots or the honor hero Owen. Anyway, I got my honor hero Owen via a combination of successful attacks and arena wins and started to train Owen full steam. With Hook and Owen and later 4 slots, I was able to get some wall points off Caribbean players. Late stage was a different story. The weak players started to die off and what's left were strong players. It was no longer possible to get kill-shots with my level (research, gears and hero levels) any more. The bulk of the players started to trim down at this day. I went into hibernation as I believed many players were killed.

Needed to get to Avalon. Asked around 6 star Pirates but did not get many reports. It was almost always the same report. Spent precious teles with 1 Astrotic to recce for the perfect 6-star Pirate. No perfect formation but found one that has a possibility due to the exposed Crusader. It was claw dragoon, crusader, raptor, ghost, engineer. I beat it with quite a high level energy attack and anti-explosive and highest level elite amp. Only left eagles when I won the 6-star Pirate. Made the jump to Avalon but again the 3-stripe air hero let me down. Not able to blast the 2-star colony crusaders engineers combo. Nevertheless, I used my left over domistals to power myself all the way to level 21 to reduce my decay to only 1 per hour. A good decision but again without time to play and get back wall, it was fatal. The attacks were relentless, every hour...

I did not manage to survive for another round of sleep which I believe will make me a survivor. This PvP, I did not get any kill-shots and did not survive. Perhaps a liability to the server. I was thinking I have to get a kill-shot or survive to break-even. However, my contribution was perhaps intangible in terms of reports and encouragement for those to make the kill-shots and survived.

What came out positive were Bootes won the PvP with 13 survivors 87 kills (nice round-up of 100). Our survivors were tied with 2nd place, but our kills were more. Also 500 domistals were compensated due to real bad server lag. In the end, I earned some domistals.

Also congratulations to Simontang who won the arena. That was an amazing feat. An interview with him revealed that there were always 2 players constantly challenging him at the end. I believe they were big time domistals spenders.

Total PvP ponts for me 1170. Currently, 1302. Back to the drawing board...

Like to thank all PvP participants for giving us such a tough challenge. It was not an easy win for us.

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