Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Evernote is NOT Forever

Oh my goodness. I lost my wife's data after changing her Android smartphone (not so smart after all) and I thought Evernote was forever (read all reviews before I downloaded and used it). This pretty much sums it up Please Help, I appear to have lost all 3 weeks of my notes!.

After changing her smartphone, I smirked and told myself, hey, I would not have the problem of Samsung Note 2 SNote previously where the Notes are stored locally. I happily downloaded Evernote and login with her account and like magic the Notes returned. I saw them myself before handing over the fully configured smartphone with the micro SD card backup the old smartphone's photos, plus the Google contacts I synced before changing the smartphone (see, so smart). The new smartphone was fully functional. Then, the next week, she came over with dismay telling me that all her Notes are gone!

Being the IT geek, I tried to act cool and told her not to worry. I tried to find or restore but to no avail. I Googled up further and found that it needs to be subscribed before you can read Notes offline with the smartphone or store them offline. All hope was lost and my heart sank ranting that Evernote is NOT Forever after all and I was not happily ever after.

The next day, I tried to login to the PC Chrome for one last attempt before I switched to ColorNote (good reviews and offline mode and able to save to micro SD card) and found there were 2 trash in the Evernote website after login with her account. I quickly restored them and copied the data out. So my question was I believed my wife was not IT savvy enough to delete the Notes. The deletion likely would have been caused by resetting the password and/or changing of the smartphone.

So in short, use the PC browser to login in to Evernote website to check for deleted Notes in the trash and hopefully, you can restore them.

If you ever ever use Evernote, just remember, it may just not be Forever.

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