Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Th3 RaT Grim Patron Warrior

Th3 RaT Grim Patron Warrior Deck

Dust Cost: 800

I used this to break past rank 15, which was a wall to me in the past. Highest rank reached was 12 last season. This season rank 12 now again.

I was a bit skeptical initially as no legendary (only BRM Emperor Thaurissan). Only Wallet/Control Warriors dominated the ranks.

You must try this as it is cheap and good. Proven. I modified it slightly swapping Gnomish Inventor with Loot Hoarder just to have something to play on 2 mana and also want to play my Deathbite on 4 mana.

Also, Loot Hoarder 2 mana (1 mana when reduced with Emperor Thaurissan) early game damages Rogue or force them to waste a spell on it. Mid/Late game it can easily charge with Warsong for that extra damage or desperate to kill a big legendary with an execute if no Whirlwind effects or weapons on hand.

Update: Using Zalae's deck.
-2 Dread Corsair
-2 Cruel Taskmaster
-1 Unstable Ghoul
-1 Fiery War Axe
+2 Shield Block
+2 Inner Rage
+1 Armorsmith (face hunters & zoolocks)
+1 Gnomish Inventor

*Update 2:
-1 Gnomish Inventor
+1 Kezan Mystic (because of mid-range hunters & mech mages)

Favorable Matchups: Face Hunter, Freeze Mage, Midrange Paladin, Control Priest, Lightbomb Priest, Midrange Shaman, Midrange Demonzoo, Zoo

Unfavorable Matchups: Ramp Druid, Handlock, Control Warrior (even), Oil Rogue (even), Murlock, Mech Mage

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