Thursday, October 8, 2015

Arena 12 Wins Deck - Paladin [TGT]

My 1st Arena 12 wins deck. Mid-range Paladin. TGT.

Final Score 12-2

Look mum, NO Murloc Knights & Mukla's Champion (well, perhaps a Silver Hand Regent...) and NO Legendary.

It was also 1K dust only!

Deck Tier score 69.2.

MVPs are the 3 Krakens, Redemption+Elven, Silver Hand Regent, Stormwind, Aldo PeaceKeeper, 2 Spellbreakers, 2 TrueSilver, Defender of Argus. The bench players also contributed a lot like the taunts. Btw, DO NOT depend your life on Joust. Just treat it like a bonus.



Perhaps to highlight 2 choice differences from Heartharena:
  1. Fencing Coach vs Gnomish Experimenter - Chose Fencing Coach. Hoping to get a Murloc Knight or Mukla's Champion, sadly none. I cannot afford my Kraken to become Chicken. Also not many spells (just Consecration and Redemption).
  2. Defender of Argus vs Emperor Cobra - Chose Defender of Argus. Paladin has Silver Hand Recruits. Always tried to buff 2 minions. Synergy with Silver Hand Regent, Fencing Coach and Maiden of the Lake.

Deck Reward

Yum, yum, Twilight Guardian. Good for the TGT Dragon Priest deck...

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