Friday, April 29, 2016

Hearthstone WOG Twin Emperor Vek'lor OP

Just had my first taste of WOG in order to get the free packs. I used aggro warrior to get the 2 wins and 7 wins.

Winrate was not too bad until I met up with warrior with a +10 armor minion if C'Thun has at least 10 attack and he used it with Bran so +20. Fine, his anti-aggro strategy works. Priest, Druid and Hunter were pretty bad match-up too.

Wait until you meet the Druid with Twin Emperor Vek'lor. But before even that card, the Druid was buffing his C'Thun all the way but as an aggro, I knew I needed to finish him off perhaps about turn 7. Then he played taunts after taunts. Also removals.

A few WOG cards that left me with a particularly deep impression. I find 2 effects with a decent body to be ridiculously broken e.g. taunt + buff C'Thun.
  1. Twin Emperor Vek'lor (7 mana) (2 x 4/6 taunts) - The new Dr 7 or Emperor 7 rather.
  2. Dark Arakkoa (6 mana) - 2 effects! Taunt + buff C'Thun. What's more, a common card!
  3. Cazed Worshipper (5 mana) - Taunt + buff C'Thun again. At least it's an epic.
  4. Fandral Staghelm (4 mana) - decent body but the combine both effect is out of this world
  5. C'Thun's Chosen (4 mana) - 2 effects! Divine shield + buff C'Thun. Common...
  6. Disciple of C'Thun (3 mana) - 2 damage + buff C'Thun, wtf. Combine with Bran for extra results...
  7. Twilight Elder (3 mana) - Soft taunt as it buffs C'Thun every turn. Common again.
  8. Beckoner of Evil (2 mana) - decent body + buff C'Thun. Common.
It's like you want to ignore those C'Thun buffing minions and try to go for face to end the game before turn 10. Then 5, 6, 7 the taunts started to appear, sometimes Druid's taunts. What's worse if it was combined with Bran and the effect was doubled. My friend Markos even showed me how it was done with a Druid's +2 mana crystal that turn at turn 8 and end the game with a spectacular 36 damage clearing my board with Bran and killing me...

Who said Druid was nerfed.

All WOG cards.

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