Monday, May 30, 2016

Spartania: Casual Strategy - Server Up


We are pleased to inform you that the servers are back up and running, and we've added some extra security measures to avoid such incidents in the future! We'd like to remind you that you can always contact us at if you ever need our help with anything involving Spartania!

Spartania: Casual Strategy - Maintenance


Hello Fellow Spartans!
Because of an unexpected server error, some of you may have lost a few hours of progress... Our servers are currently offline in order to prepare them to prevent such issues from happening. We understand and are truly sorry for the trouble and frustration, and as an apology every user that was affected by this has received 1000 Ambrosia bottles.

We're working hard to avoid such errors in the future, and we thank you for your patience and understanding. Good luck, Commanders!

Friday, May 20, 2016

Spartania: Casual Strategy Guide & Tips - Part 1

I am playing Spartania: Casual Strategy and it is pretty fun. It is somewhat similar to CoC except it's more like a side-scrolling 3D attack/defence game. Emily Goldring did a super job of a very comprehensive Spartania: Casual Strategy Review so I will not cover that here.

This is my current defence and it is very effective against the barbarian's attacks. So far, I have been breached perhaps fewer than 5 times (usually 2 levels higher) by the barbarians and no player has ever been successful yet.

I tried to find strategy, tips or guide online but I was in vain. So, I am here to help you. If I have the chance to restart again, I may play differently especially after reviewing the lowest level top 50 player GodIsAlive/JesusIsKing (currently level 32 / rank 26) and also Xinot20002645 who has just overtaken MisterE to be No. 1.

My initial strategy was to build a solid defence so that I could get ambrosia by successfully defending the barbarians' attacks. Since I needed 1300 ambrosia for the next builder, I could not wait passively to collect 2 ambrosia bottles that randomly appeared on top of the commander's tent. I noticed that I was attacked by the barbarians only when I was online at the defensive screen. So, I actively stayed on the defensive troop's screen as often and as long as possible to increase my chances of being attacked by barbarians. After the second builder, everybody is even game as you cannot recruit anymore.

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