Sunday, January 22, 2017

Spartania: Casual Strategy Guide & Tips - Final Frontier

Spartania Advance Guide/Strategy/Tips - Final Frontier

If you have followed the earlier series of the strategy guides, you will be pretty good by now. This final post will bring you from good to great as I reveal to you tricks of the trade you may not know in order to reach the top (no cheating of course).

  1. Respawning Barbarians - After you attacked all 3 barbarians, you will notice you have to wait for quite some time before they respawn. After a while, check the attack screen continuously to see whether the 1st or 2nd barbarian respawned. THIS IS IMPORTANT: Do not go away from the attack screen and refresh. Once the 3 barbarians have fully respawned, you will have that delay problem again. Hit the barbarians when there is 1 or 2 and you can continuously fill up your resource until you are full. This was super useful to me when I was low level as I continuously need to recycle to find the easiest player or empty base. It is still useful when you are high level but you can already get resource from other players.
  2. Out-Of-Shield (OOS) - This may sound contrary to logic but believe me, constantly attack and get out of shield. 3 free ways to get amborsia bottles:
  • Defending barbarians
  • Successfully defending low level/inexperienced player's revenge
  • Successfully defending players when OOS
For 1. it's self-explanatory. For point 2, a low level/inexperienced player will try to revenge you even when you have shield on. If you are OOS, they will give you a cheap shield for 10 trophies. For point 3, a player will hit you. All these defending has potential to get you bottles, but of course your defense has to be solid. Refer to my 1st few posts.
  1. Smart use of Ambrosia Bottles - Only use ambrosia bottles to instantly refresh after OOS attack. I can use up to 3 to 6 bottles. That is about 1 elephant + 1 unit. Any more, I will usually wait for the next cycle.
  2. Chain up your Attack - The OOS attack and instantly refresh is crucial. If you found another lowest level player and attack again, you can rinse and repeat to get a burst of trophies.
  3. Magicians at high levels - mass archers are useful at low levels. At higher levels, the buildings hp gain of 10%/level is much higher as they started off at a high base hp value. The buildings are hard as steel and will take forever for archers alone to take down. Magicians shine at high levels so I max my magicians.
  4. 28 Defense vs 25 Offense (includes commander) - I have converted my resource buildings to units. My tank and building hp is 4.2 + 2.7 = 6.9K. A resource building hp is only 4.7K.
That's all from me now. If you know of any more tricks of the trade, feel free to comment.
    Good luck and... Arena Time!

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