Monday, June 18, 2018

Spartania: Casual Strategy Guide & Tips - More Defenses

Scorpion's Defense

Scorpion's defense has the surprise element and is great against mass archers. It draws in your elephant with the catapult placed after 1st archer tower and the 2 horses will quite often charge past your elephant and cause heavy damage to your back-lines. If you use freeze on the horses, the archer tower and catapults will pummel away on the elephant making short work of it or causing it to be seriously injured. If you try to charge in, the horses act as meat shields with the statics killing them. If you freeze early, you better make sure your freeze is long enough to take out all the frontal defenses. You will also noticed that the statics are well placed supporting each other while you try to kill the statics one after another.

Difficult Rating: 4/5
Scary Rating: 5/5

Garkon's Defense

Well, Garkon defense made it into my list. I am most impressed at the 2 archer towers wide and vertical placement as well as the 2 catapults wide vertical placement later. It took me a long time before I cleared the 1st 2 archer towers and later my melee troops are already grouped together deliciously taken out by the widely spaced vertically placed catapults. The heavily upgraded tanks really made me surrender when I saw my projectiles about to be made mincemeat by the tanks.

Difficult Rating: 5/5
Scary Rating: 4/5

Showtime's Defense

I will post pictures later.

Someone's mentioned Showtime's defense is the best, so I am making a review here. His statics perhaps is nicely spaced out so that when you attack 1 static, the next static hits you. Perhaps the reason someone made this comment. However, his units are perhaps fully upgraded increasing the difficulty level.

Difficult Rating: 4/5
Scary Rating: 3/5

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