Thursday, June 17, 2010

Ancient War iPhone Strategy - Meteor Timing

3. Meteor Timing - Maximum Destruction

Your timing of releasing the Ancient War's Meteor Fireball shower is critical as it can destroy your enemy's entire wave of units. This gives you ample time to fill up your food supply and wait for the next wave. If you are lucky, the Miracle will be recharged again (although it states one per minute in "How to Play").

When should you release it?

Pan your screen all the way to your enemy's end. You should release it when your enemy's first unit is about 2/3 between his Totem Pole's front and the end of that screen's left (make sure it is panned all the way to the right-end). That way, the first fireball will hit his first unit, the rest till the tail-end and the wave will be obilerate by your Meteor Shower.

For multiplayer, it can be a bit tricky as a lot panning is involved while attacking and defending. Using his front Totem Pole to your front Totem pole as the entire length, the estimation will be 1/3 from his Totem Pole front. Why? As the Meteors is slanted towards your enemy's side, the first fireball will hit the enemy's first unit close to half-way. Do not release it too early or too late as all the units may not be hit by your Meteor Shower, or very few or no Meteor may hit those already attacking your Totem Pole especially their ground units.

Below shows another screenshot for the position of their air-units.

That about covers the basic strategies of Ancient War. If you are interested, leave me a comment such that I can discuss about multiplayer tactics such as:
  • Is Controlling the Air Almighty?
  • Invisible but NOT Invincible

Also, I will voice my opinions on improving the multiplayer units.


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