Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ancient War iPhone Strategy - Splash Damage

2. Splash Damage - Counter against mass units

Before I explain Splash Damage, let us take a look at the Ancient War Units Statistics for the splash damage unit types:

UnitAttk TypeProfileHPMin AttkMax Attk

Curently, there are two types of units that do splash damage. Catapult for the ground and Adaliz for the air. Adaliz kamakaize or kills itself in the process.

Do not under-estimate the devastating power of splash damage. Why? E.g. 10 Infantry Units stacked together and maximum HP say 750/Infantry. If the catapult hit them altogther, say 75 damage, it damages 10 x 75 = 750 which theorically kills off one Unit (health). Of course, you will have to shield your catapult/totem pole with YOUR OWN Infantry meat shields and they will mop up the rest.

The catapult can be used offensively as well, hitting both the Totem pole and the stacked units below the Totem pole.

Adaliz causing splash damage but killing itself in the process. I will advise using it when 3-4 Hippogrph are stacked at your Totem pole while fighting with your own Hippogrph.

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