Sunday, October 10, 2010

Haypi Kingdom - Tips 2

Haypi Kingdom iPhone Tips 2

  1. When under Attack - You CANNOT TRANSPORT OUT or SELL your resources at the market. However, you CAN TRANSPORT IN or BUY resources from the market. If the attack is far away, maximize your upgrades or use coins to speed up upgrades. Build troops to deplete the resources and hunt if you have enough resources or send to other cities to hunt. Build and upgrade traps. All in the effort of bringing the amount of resources below the cranny.
  2. Cranny - Do NOT wait until you are under attack, then you start to upgrade your cranny. It is too late! Do it whenever you can. Especially if you have not enough resources to upgrade the resources production, as cranny is cheap to upgrade anyway (just takes time).
  3. Hidden Attacks - Although you cannot see it from the console screen or the alarm does not sound off, you can spot it from the Actions button. The troops will only show ??? However, if it is an oasis or sub-city attack, no harm sending/having 1 to 10 catapults to defend. If it is a main city attack, look at point "When under attack"
  4. Cavalry and Archer Blocking Technique - One turn before the infantry hits the backlines, march forward one cavalry. Then on next turn, march forward one archer. Gives you TWO extra turns for your range units. If it is the enemy's cavalry charging, your cavalry has to be faster in speed to delay them, or you can use the catapult retreating technique.
  5. Catapult Retreating Technique - Move forward 1 turn (or 2 depending on the cavalry movement speed). Just before the cavalry hits your catapult(s), move back. The cavalry will stop at where the catapults were before and miss the attack giving at extra turn for the catapult to attack at a range
  6. Usage of Cavalry and Archers - Cavalry absorb the punishment. Archers target at where the MEAT is. The catapults.

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