Friday, October 1, 2010

Haypi Kingdom - PvP has Started!

I am going in this round. Wish me luck.

Mistakes Made
Upgraded Main Building first, 0 stone left - Should follow tasks and collect rewards accordingly, upgrade crop...

Used up all coins to buy Lvl 15 horse, manual, sword, armor - Level 15 horse should be good enough. If you buy coins, then Lvl 15 manual. The rest can be purchased from the market when you are winning.

Used VIP immediately - Should use it later. No resources for 3 slots anyway. Should use VIP later when resources become abundant.

Lost units during initial oasis take down as the lag was so bad that commanding was impossible - Should just take a lower level oasis or waited until the next day when response was better.

Things Done Right
Sped up upgrades of Main Building & Warehouse to 20K.

Only upgraded crops, Main Building & Warehouse to 20K.

Build cats to take approriate level of oasis successfully later.

Took risks to raid other player's level 9 crops.

Upgraded cranny (may be useful later)

What I have Learnt
Upgrade Marching, Shooting Tech to the highest if you have the money.

Assign attribute points to Break Cranny initially, and Hidden Attack later.

Cavalry, Archer Blocking Technique.

Negative Food. Just sustain with your reserves until you can get enough food production again or raid someone or buy from market.

Only Main, crop and warehouse (can't remember Barracks) gives prestige.

Steal other Sub-cities - A veteran shared that he only built one sub. No point building, stealing is faster.

Use coins to build cats, inf until you can level.

Alliances, Things Change - I got booted out from one of the high flying alliances when I cannot level fast enough. My other alliance member got booted out and worse, got attacked by the alliance leader. To each its own in PvP, unlike the usual Haypi Kingdom where loyalty is important. You do not get prizes for top alliances anyway. Perhaps some advertisement for your alliance in your main usual game...

Remember, this is a 14 day contest, not a 1 day contest. Pace yourself with the coins. And be vigilant on hunting (they said 30s max)

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