Thursday, March 31, 2011

Haypi Kingdom - Advance Tips Swapping Crop Oasis & Poll Results

Haypi Kingdom - Advance Tips Swapping Crop Oasis & Poll Results

Your Haypi Kingdom troops?

63% uses Catapults/Infantry
13% uses Cavalry/Archers
13% uses Others
9% uses Cavalry

I was pretty surprised at the results.


After the servers merged, crop oasis are far fewer and beyond. Speed is probably the ultimate deciding factor as occupying crop oasis, farming forts, raiding inactive cities and killing open troops for prestige became even more dependent on SPEED. Unless you have the coins to warp, Catapults/Infantry combo is just too slow to make it.

Now, the advance tip for swapping crop oasis.

  1. Splitting Catapults into 2 Groups - Ideally, you can release your crop oasis before 24 hours when they drop a level and have about 2k catapults split into two groups (1k each) to retake 2 crop oasis simultaneously. This will cut down your time in half. However, there is the danger of another player simultaneously occupying with cavalry/archer combo and killing your troops (bug). Bring along infantry, but if the player has a large force, it does not help much.
  2. Secondary/Alternate Account - Credits to Zygron. Main account, call back all troops guarding your crop oasis (see earlier post on guarding your crop oasis with 9 catapults or cavalry). Use an alternate account, quit the alliance, occupy your main account's crop oasis with 1 cavalry, launch 2 attacks simultaneously, 3 if you have VIP, call back the cavalry after occupying. Main account reoccupy with 9 cavalry. Alternate account rejoin back alliance. All in half an hour flat.

PS: My game name is leather1 (with a number 1 that is). Add me as a Haypi Kingdom referrer when you register, so that I can complete a task. I will thank you from the bottom of my heart. Join my alliance Avatar_11 if you like.

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