Thursday, April 7, 2011

Haypi Kingdom - Advance Tips Prestige

Haypi Kingdom - Advance Tips Prestige

After you fully upgraded your cities and turrets/traps, what's next? You cannot proceed further to kill open troops to get more prestige as everyone is just as experienced as you and doing the same thing, hunting.

So, you build troops for prestige and send them on suicidal missions to high level forts if there are a lot of troops to feed or level 9 oasis if your troops are few. A buddy from Ancients told me that a good player can gain 20-27k/day of prestige by just building troops and killing them afterwards as it depletes food. - Credits to SevenX

You can buy wood from the market when it reaches 0.01 and build catapults. Definitely saves you time. Just occupy the most expensive resource oasis in the market which usually will be crop.

PS: My game name is leather1 (with a number 1 that is). Add me as a Haypi Kingdom referrer when you register, so that I can complete a task. I will thank you from the bottom of my heart. Join my alliance Avatar_11 if you like.

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