Friday, December 30, 2011

Selling Haypi Kingdom Account for Sale

Haypi Kingdom - Account for Sale

I will put up some screenshots later. Watch out for updates.

Server 118
Level 17
Prestige: 2.2+ M
Cities: 6 fully developed (lvl 15 resources with main & 1 sub @ lvl 16 crop)
Defense: Mainly lvl 10 turrents, few subs lvl 10 traps
Tech: All maxed
Troops: 5 cities full of Cavalry (13k)+ Main Archers (6K) always hunting
Gold: 2.5 M
Coins: 5

Speed: 100 + 63
Defense: 85 + 43
Attack: 20 + 29
Fortune: 20 + 10

Lvl 15 Horse (enhanced 14)
Lvl 15 Manual (enhanced 5)
Lvl 10 Ring (enhanced 3)
Lvl 13 Armor
Lvl 6 Sword

Monday, December 26, 2011

Blood & Glory Strategy Guide & Tips (Update)

  • Platforms:  iPhone, Android
  • Developer: Glu Mobile
  • Genre: Action
  • Released: Nov 17, 2011

Blood and Glory Combos
Tornado Slash (BEST, I only use this)

*Update: Try adding a backhand before the combo. I will test it out. **I have tested, but NOT successful.

This is a bug that can help you do some great damage. Basically if you do the Tornado Slash and then immediately use your special attack, your first hit of your special attack will take triple damage.
Backhand, Up, Up, Down, Down, Up (triple damage), Special Attack, Up (triple damage), Up, Up, Down, Down, Up (triple damage). This gives you 17 attacks per enemy combo & a quadruple boost to your Crowd Bonus (integral on first battles). Again, I will test it out. **I have tested, but NOT successful.

Earth Strike (MEDIUM)

Spin Attack (GOOD)

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Poll Results: Will you buy iPhone 4S & iPad 2?

Will you buy iPhone 4S?

Will you buy iPad2?

Only 50% will buy iPhone 4S & iPad 2.
Surprisingly for iPad 2...

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Best IOS 5 Tips Tricks

Let us focus on IOS 5 strengths and enhancements. In order not to steal the thunder before the lightning, I will pay tribute to two fabulous websites. They provided most of the coverage:

25 Secret iOS 5 Features You Need To Know About
  1. Custom vibrations
  2. Bulit-in Dictionary
  3. Quick Access to Camera
  4. Tweets and Facebook updates using Siri
  5. Weekly Calendar View
  6. LED Flash for Alerts
  7. Include/Exclude Notifications
  8. Keyboard Shortcuts
  9. Split Keyboard for iPads
  10. Preview Photo taken
  11. Volume-up as Shutter Button
  12. Turn on Read receipts in iMessage
  13. Customize Alert tones
  14. Emoji emoticons
  15. Alternate Routes for Maps
  16. Automatic Download for multiple IOS devices
  17. Mark and Flag mail messages
  18. iPad2 Gestures
  19. Turn on Private Browsing
  20. Create Photo Albums
  21. AirPlay Mirroring
  22. Set up default alert times for all-day event
  23. 5GB of free iCloud Storage
I left out Siri reconnect workaround as it is more of a Apple server busy issue. I still counted, it's 24. Nevertheless, awesome tips.

iOS 5: Tips, Tricks & Hidden Features
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