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Avalon Wars - Farming

Avalon Wars - Farming

For all Real-Time-Strategy (RTS) games, it usually follows these simple rules of farming, build-up (tech/troops) & attack. Wash, rinse & repeat.

Besides looting others players when you get stronger, farming becomes the basic resource building for all your structures, techs & troops.

I will provide you some tips on farming Avalon 4 & 6 star Xenos, 2 star Resource and coordinates of all 6 star Xenos with the single Vultures exposed.

Avalon 2 & 4 Star Xenos/NPC

All 2 & 4 Star Xenos Resource in Avalon consist of standard 4 Crusaders & 2 Engineers. Equip at least a 4-strip Airforce (Instinct) hero with a fully enhanced elite Armor (1st mission), a fine Shield & assign hawks to him/her.

Use Arrow formation (increased damage from air attack) and send in the lone ranger. The Crusaders will hit your Hawks, damaging it slowly (good armor), but charging it up quickly (all airforce charge up faster when hit). After one round of hits (if you position at the 1st position), it will charge up & release the devastating charged laser spread attack.

2 rounds and you will kill all Crusaders. Skip the battle for the engineers as it will take ages.

Avalon 6 Star Xenos/NPC

Farming 6 Star Xeno is another different story. No chicken feet. You need to search for Xenos with the exposed lone Vulture & the rest are Biotics (usually Ghosts & Navigators). So if you missed killing the 1st round, you will encounter certain death. First method I saw was using the 1 Navigator, 1 ROC method with arrow formation. Of course your formation needs your ROC to align to the NPC's lone Vulture & the Navigator in the line of sight of the Vulture. Second method, which I preferred, was deviced by our Aftermath legion leader Sarina. X-man formation (Biotics higher hit-rate) with Pyrotics (preferably experts so that they do not miss!) at 1 & 9 position with a Medic (finally a use for them) at the 5 position. You can also add in Medics at the other positions (3 & 9), but NEVER use any Synthetics. It will charge up the lone Vulture faster and Synthetics are vulnerable to air attacks. Trust me, they don't call them 6 Star if they do not have good Armor or Shields. 1-2-3 4-5-6 7-8-9 Drawback is that my 3rd slot for Xeno is at 3. Not sure the slots sequence is random or fixed.

Avalon 6 Star Xenos/NPC Coordinates

Coords, Form, Vulture position, Side *** denotes unexposed NPC Position Map 7-8-9 4-5-6 1-2-3 Exposed 3,41. Arrow. P3. Right 3,53. Arrow. P1. Left 4,35. Hook. P1. Left 6,9. Xman. P1. Left 13,21. Hook. P2. Middle 15,22. Arrow. P1. Left 16,2. Claw. P3. Right 17,37. Xman. P1. Left 19,15. Shield. P8. Middle 24,19. Hook. P2. Middle 26,52. Hook. P2. Middle 27,35. Arrow. P1. Left 29,34. Arrow. P2. Middle 31,18. Shield. P3. Right 36,33. Hook. P1. Left 37,42. Xman. P1. Left 38,5. Arrow. P1. Left 38,44. Shield. P3. Right 45,6. Claw. P2. Middle 50,24. Cross. P4. Left 53,21. Cross. P6. Right 56,16. Xman. P1. Left Unexposed 5,56. Shield. P4. Left *** 9,16. Xman. P7. Left *** 11,25. Xman. P9. Right *** 15,31. Shield. P6. Right *** 17,7. Hook. P9. Right *** 19,18. Claw. P7. Left *** 20,34. Shield. P4. Left *** 23,41. Shield. P4. Left *** 28,19. Xman. P7. Left *** 28,27. Shield. P4. Left *** 29,2. Hook. P9. Right *** 29,50. Hook. P6. Right *** 36,12. Cross. P5. Middle *** 46,38. Cross. P8. Middle *** 47,29. Arrow. P5. Middle *** 48,40. Shield. P4. Left *** 53,55. Claw. P5. Middle *** 55,6. Shield. P4. Left *** Thank me by putting in My Referer Code: j29i7m

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