Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Avalon Wars Strategy Guide 2

Avalon Wars Strategy Guide 2

  1. Trade Center Trick - Need a lot of resources to upgrade? Exchange credit just before and after the Trade Center refreshes to get twice the amount of resources from the Open Market. That way, you need not have to spend twice the amount from the Black Market.

    E.g. you need 400K resources in total to upgrade the Command Center. Your Trade Center can exchange to a maximum limit of 200K & you will hit Black Market. Maximize your current storage, wait till just before the Trade Center refreshes (once a day), exchange 200K. After the Trade Center refreshes, exchange another 200K or whatever you need.

    This is very useful as you will save space on Storage. Anyway, you need to upgrade your Trade Center for caravans & that all important NDA amps & shields later.
  2. Jumping - After you successful attack an inactive in Avalon, immediately jump back to Cambridge. Not many people will attack you in Cambridge due to low honor and difficult to spot you in the crowd. If the person favorite you, remove your heroes to cut losses.
  3. Remove Heroes - This game favors the attackers esp. T-formations as attackers will get to attack first. Remove heroes from regiment when inactive.
  4. Equipment enhancement - Leave your screen at the equipment you need to enhance page when too close to 80% or 95% expiry to get an additional enhancement chance.

    E.g. The expiry is at 10:55 AM. You performed a 95% at 10:50 AM (Next available upgrade will be 10 mins later & 95% would have expired). Leave it at that screen by pressing the iPhone home button and do your work. The time can be 11:40 AM when you return (if app is not closed) and select the equipment that you want to enhance (DO NOT navigate away from page) and it will take 95% chance at the point you left. Update: This does not work as it will take the % success rate from the server

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