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Avalon Wars Strategy Guide (Updates)

Avalon Wars Strategy Guide

Made by Zarltok
Thanks to Debomb4433, Maverick, Gelrad




Rank 5
Pi-T74334 : CHAMPION
Omikron-690 : PALADIN
Kappa-463 : GHOST
Kutmapa : RAPTOR
Tabubzal : ENGINEER
Omega-592 : CRUSADER
S'Alsaash : ROC
Chi-Z938 : VULTURE
Xavier : GRIFFON

Rank 4
Leonardo: KNIGHT
Phoebe: ROC
Diana : RAPTOR
Abu Rasitsa : CRUSADER
Kanlunom : GHOST
Theta-K417 : PALADIN

Rank 3
Alpha-C101 : LANCER
Xi-R641 : FALCON
Psi-A165 : EAGLE
Zeta-H332 : HAWK
Sigma-818 : PYROTIC
T-904 : N/A
Nu-Q5883 : N/A
Delta-F29 : N/A
Rho-U771 : KNIGHT
Rasitu aea : ASTROTIC
Beta-D144 : MEDIC


This guide will help you understand the game and buildup properly to be the most efficient. First thing you need to understand is HOW THE UNITS & HEROES work.

1: HEROES - There are 3 types of heroes in this game. Courage, Instinct and Wisdom. Each hero will be based on these 3 stat categories. 1 of these 3 categories will be higher. That's how you know what kind of units he's good with.

2: UNITS - There are also 3 types of units in this game. Instead of calling them Courage/Instinct/Wisdom, they call them Synthetic, Aircraft and Biotic .
Courage stats will be used by Synthetic units
Instinct stats will be used by Aircraft units
Wisdom stats will be used by Biotic units

Example : Be aware that aircraft won't be using your hero's courage & biotic stats. He will only use INSTINCT.

- Courage stats will provide extra Damage against enemy units. Also, It will provide you extra defense against its own category (COURAGE/SYNTHETIC) units

- INSTINCT stats will provide extra Damage against enemy units. Also, It will provide you extra defense against its own category (INSTINCT/AIRCRAFT) units

- WISDOM stats will provide extra Damage against enemy units. Also, It will provide you extra defense against its own category (WISDOM/BIOTIC) units

3: Now that you have understood heroes & units, you will also need to understand their equipment. There are 6 types of equipment.

- Weapon equipment only uses COURAGE stats and can only be used by SYNTHETIC units. Or else it won't provide any extra damage if the hero carries BIOTIC or AIRCRAFT units
- Amplifier equipment only uses INSTINCT stats and can only be used by AIRCRAFT units.
- Implant equipment only uses WISDOM stats and can only be used by BIOTIC units

- Armor equipment will grant you extra defense against SYNTHETIC units
- Shield equipment will grant you extra defense against AIRCRAFT units
- Helmet will give you the ability to carry extra troops during battle.

4: Now first thing you need to do is level up your buildings to level 10. You will need Production buildings that provide you resource income.

5: In the meantime, you will need to build yourself an army. So, go into ACADEMY and buy some drinks to get your self at least 3 heroes. Try to have one for every stat category. You also need units! Go buy them at the BARRACK. Don't forget that you cannot carry all the units that you assembled. So buy around 500 units per type. Afterwards, you will need to place them into a REGIMENT .

6: Every slot into the regiment cannot be used all at once. You will start with 1 slot. That means You can only use 1 hero that carries 1 type of unit. For you to expand you regiment slots, you will need to upgrade your FORMATIONS at your RESEARCH LAB.

- By default you will start with CLAW FORMATION. If you upgrade your research to the level requirement, you will gain an additional slot.
SLOT #1 level 01
SLOT #2 level 05
SLOT #3 level 10
SLOT #4 level 16
SLOT #5 level 25

There is different FORMATIONS you will learn along your progress. Every formation has their unique strategy and combat bonus.

7: So right now its would be preferable to get all your researches to level 10. To upgrade a research, you will need EXPLOITS. You obtain exploits by attacking rogues in Cambridge planet. Everytime you upgrade your command Center. The next building to upgrade should always be the Research Lab. It should always match your current level.

8: After you upgraded your research to level 10, You will notice a big increase in attack & defense on your units. But this ain't enough to maintain the flow. You also will need equipment on your heroes. Everytime you hit and WIN against a rogue, you might have the chance to collect a weapon or armor out of him. As soon you collected one, get one of your heroes to equip it. You also need to enhance your new equipment. You will need to level it up to your current level. You must do that with every equipment that may be useful along the way. You will need a helmet! Go buy one at the trade center! If you lack in cash/credit, go spend your starting domistal in the shop. They are called artifact alpha. You may sell them for 1000 credit. Buy a few of them.

9: When you reach level 10, you also will have the ability to do the campaign missions. When you completed 1 campaign mission, you will be able to fight against the boss with other players along your side. If you WIN the battle, you have the chance to receive a powerful item part. Usually, you need to collect 5 of each part to assemble the full model (12 parts for the advance models).

10: Alternate your fight between World planets and campaign mode. Because you will notice that WORLD will be easier to obtain exploits but harder to find good items. That's why you need to also do campaigns.

11: When you reach around level 15, you will notice that you lack base space. You won't be able to build or upgrade buildings any further. No worries!! You will need to work hard on finishing campaign missions until you reach the 4th world called DELTA DUST. When you reach Delta Dust, you will need to complete a couple of missions until you reach the one that can give you ''BASE EXPANSION''. This allows you to expand your base of 1 space.

12: Along your progress, you will need to repeat some missions consecutively to obtain the proper gears to match up against others.


Question: How many 5 stars hero rumors can academy have in total?
Answer: 12 in total

Question: What is the best way to collect Resources?
Answer: For mid-game players, you will need to occupy Resource colonies every 4 hours. And start farming AVALON xeno 1-2 star army. When you reach higher levels, You will be able to collect 22000 resource from a 6 star Xeno army. They are easier to kill than a 5 star Xeno. First of all, you must find a 6 star Xeno army that has the enemy ''VULTURE'' in the front of their regiment. This way, your troop can kill the vulture in the 1st wave of attack and then, after you killed the vulture, YOU BASICALLY WON! Because 6 star Xeno only has 1 OFFENSIVE UNIT and the rest are Navigators & Ghosts. This is the quickest way to collect resource.

Question: How do I advance in ''jobs'' level?
Answer:Everytime you completed a job, you have the chance to advance to the next level. All the jobs are random. You can succeed even though you failed previously at the same job. There is no tricks to this. Do the Cross-fire jobs after you jumped to the Avalon World for maximum benefits.

Question: Does upgrading ''attack'' research for biotic units increase damage & accuracy?
Answer:It only increases damage. Perhaps an expert will help.

Question: How much percentage do I gain when I upgrade a research for damage/defense/units or resource production
Answer: When you upgrade research, You gain 2% per level. Quick exemple: You have a total of 1000 allowable production per hour and you upgrade HYDROMETALLURGY research to level 5, You will gain an extra 100 allow per hour.

Question: Why does my unit sucks?
Answer: Make sure you have heroes carrying the proper units. Upgrade research def/attack of that specific unit and maximize enhancement on the proper item. It's always better to invest into a (blue) or (purple) item. They are much more efficient at higher levels. Always enlighten your hero when you have extra EXPLOITS. Don't stop at 4-5 tries. You usually get something good after a couple of tries. Don't give up!

Question: What to do and how to do?
Answer: I suggest to start building up good resources buildings because they will be crucial at higher levels. After you reach level 10. Make sure you concentrate into researching your unit defence, attack and capacity. This will help you kill NPC's faster and obtain prizes easier. Because of the items you earn into World map NPC's. You will grow much stronger after you FULLY enhance them. After all that, you will need to start leveling up your hero academy for you to get RUMOR heros. You won't be able to do much without them. I suggest people to HIT arenas soon as possible due to very high numbers of ranked players. If you are into the TOP 100 ranked players, you will gain DAILY credit as a reward. Better ranking will bring you higher rewards. Start to do the campaign missions. They are very handy after you reach a certain point. You can collect parts that will give access to very good items. One good advice when you reach Delta Dust. TRY to hit NEOM MATRIARCH that can drop the BASE EXPENSION ITEM. You will need a lot of space when you reach level 16 and up. This is VERY VERY useful.

Question: What should I spend my domistal on?
Answer: The best place to spend domistal is hero academy, purchase extra training slots & buy drinks to obtain hero rumors (*personally, I will rather wait for an hour cooldown). TRAIN heroes at 150% for 24 hours using domistal. You also would need extra building slot because these are crucial when you reach higher levels. You may spend your domistal on research cooldown. *I recommend spending on a good headset.

Question: How long does it take for me to get rumors? and what are the hit rates?
Answer: It can take a very long time until you complete a rumor hero, especially the high grade ones. Some of them can takes days to drop only once! The grade 5 heros need 20 rumors to be complete. So I can let you figure out how long it can take. DON'T GIVE UP though! Higher the academy, higher are your chances to get them!

Question: does level 18 command center really gives you 1 extra residence instead of an extra generator?
Answer: Yes. Sad, but true.

Question: Should I move into the Next planet?
Answer: Yes. Soon that your done with the quest that allows you to travel between planets, you should be able to WIN against 1 star NPC . This will make you earn more exploits & resources. It will also give you the possibilities to loot better items during battles.

Question: What are subordinate & regiments?
Answer: Each Subordinates allows you to conquer 1 enemy of your faction for a period of 24 hours. Regiment is a group of units & heroes that you can use to battle NPC'S or other players. You can go up to 5 slots per regiment in total but you need specific amount of research lvl to unlock them all. You need to assign 1 hero per slot.

Question: Is ''add training slot'' & ''add building slot'' permanent?
Answer: Yes, they are.

Question: Can I transport resources to my main base?
Answer: Yes, you can. To be able to do so, you must go into map and hit your main base (info) and hit (transport). You will get second base when you hit 10,000 honor points. I suggest to use Knight to transport resource due to is large cargo

Question: How do I construct a second base?
Answer: You will need to accumulate 10,000 honor points for you to obtain (2nd base) prize. Then you go to world map and hit any empty space to construct your second base. Bases are not permanently stuck at the same location.


Here is a couple of strategies you can use to beat your opponent (4 OR 5 SLOTS). All these strategies only WORKS if you have the proper item/hero/upgrade/research for them



AIR DESTROYER : 2:Knight 5:Pyrotic 4:Templar 7:Pyrotic
Good versus protected aircraft. Pyrotic in the back will make sure to takedown the opponent aircraft withtout getting serious damage

KIT KAT : 2:Knight 5:Pyrotic 4:Crusader 7:Roc
Great mix that will allow you to take down the opponent very quickly but can receive serious damage against aircraft

4 C-PACK : 2:Crusader 5:Crusader 4:Crusader 7:Crusader
Great way to take down all enemies at once. Make sure to use your strongest heroes at the back

4 P-PACK : 2:Pyrotic 5:Pyrotic 4:Pyrotic 7:Pyrotic
This tactic is only good to take out a full aircraft army. Make sure to use your strongest heroes at the back. This should be preferable to use it with XMAN FORMATION



BULLDOZER : 3:Pyrotic 2:Dragoon 5:Navigator 4:Paladin 7:Hawk
This is very good against Biotic/synthetic formations . The units in the front will be able to give great damage while protecting your hawk in the back. They can last 2 waves with proper defense gears.



AIR DEFENDER :1:Knight 2:Pyrotic 5:Roc 8:Roc
Great tactic against MIXED units. It will allow the Roc to build energy while the other 2 units in front receive damage .

HYPER ROC : 1:Ghost 2:Ghost: 5:Roc 8:Roc
Very good tactic. ghost in the front can take good damage while the Roc's get charged up in the back. Rocs are good to give enormous damage charged up and healing them self afterward.

CHEESE MACH I : 1:Ghost 2:Ghost 5:Hawk 8:Hawk
Deadly tactic if LUCK goes on your side. The 2 ghost will charge up both hawks for them to send Huge damage across the entire map. The damage is Intimidating

CHEESE MACH II : 1:Ghost 2:Navigator 5:Navigator 8:Hawk
Even more deadly than MACH I . This tactic only works If your ghost succeed charging up your hawk. The 2 navigators will grant EXTRA POWER to the hawk and make him look like Crusader ON STEROIDS. This tactic may let you 1 SHOT an entire army.

CHEESE MACH III : 1:Ghost 2:Navigator 5:Hawks 8:Pyrotic or Knight
Very similar to MACH II , the difference with it is that slot 8 as the possiblity to wipe out the rest of enemy aircraft or synthetics. Because sometimes when you attack with fully power hawk. it might leave a couple of weak units on the map that our good against aircraft so the slot 8 is meant to finish the job!

DOWN THE HATCH : 1:Ghosts 2:Eagle 5:Knight/Dragoon 8:Pyrotic-------BY: Chidawg66
If you have a ghost expert, you can 1 shot the first 3 heroes when you attack and not take any damage in your 3 man vertical formation. Full charged eagle followed by knight/dragoon ensures when you attack that first target is dead atleast and maybe the second target if they have synthetic first. The only sticky situtation is if you face another person who copies off of you. But whoever's ghost misses first usually loses if the techs are equal.



CHEESE MACH IV : 1:Ghost 2:Navigator 3:Navigator 5:Navigator 8:Hawk
This is a boost up version of Cheese Mach 2. The ghost in position 1 will be able to charge up your hawk to 100% and the 3 navigators will provide the extra power to your hawk. You can wipe out an entire army in a single shot if chance is on your side.

ICE-CREAM : 1:Templar 2:Crusader 3: Templar 5:Ghost 8: Hawk
This tactic is good against enemies aircraft with bio power in the front. If an enemy ghost fails to charge up its aircraft, there is a good chance that he won't survive your wave. On top of that, the 3 courage heroes in the front will be able to absorb good damage and be able to hit Multiple enemies at once. This will allow your hawk to finish off the job and receive the least damage possible. This tactic isn't that good against a full aircraft army due to the poor explosive damage against aircraft.

T-TOP : 1: Templar 2:Ghost 3: Navigator 5:Hawk 8: Pyrotic
This is a good mix of the 3 KINDS. The pyrotic in the back will help you finish off the remains of enemy aircraft. The Templar in front is only there to help your hawk bring down the front units in 1 single hit.

F-117 BOMBER : 1: Ghost 2: Navigator 3: Navigator 5: Vulture 8: Pyrotic
Deadly formation against any CHEESE MACH. Properly charged up. They will clear off the enemy middle row in 1 hit.

T-BARRIER : 1: Ghost 2:Ghost 3: Hawk 5: Vulture 8: Pyrotic/medic
Improve version of F-117 Bomber with proper heroes/equipment

PHANTOM : 1: Ghost 2: Vulture 3: Dragoon 5: Pyrotic 8: Pyrotic

DESERT EAGLE : 1: Ghost 2: Eagle 3: Pyrotic 5: Medic 8:Medic
This tactic is a Counter-formation against vultures. Charged up Eagle will be able to do good damage against any opponent and will be able to avoid vultures extreme damage. Medics would provide great backup to support your ghost.

POWERVOLT 1: Templar 2: Astrotic 3: Ghost 5: Eagle 8: Astrotic
One of the strongest formation out there. This can only work if you have a 5 star wisdom hero cranked up to level 27+. The 5 star wisdom hero will carry the astrotic at #2. This formation is really good against top arrow formation. Astrotic will break through the middlefront defense of your opponent and this will allow your eagle to hit their aircraft. the extra astrotic in the back may finish off the damaged aircraft.

TORNADO 1: Ghost 2: Ghost 3: Hawk 5: Vulture 8: Engineer
Newest top formation used by lvl 25-30. Very effective against Mach Cheese formations. Both ghost should be wearing good armor to assure aircraft powerups. Engineer may bring up the lifespan of your hawk. The vulture will easily clear up the middle row on an arrow formation.
*Another variation I saw is 8: Pyrotic to finish off any left-over aircraft.

HEART BREAKER 1: Ghost 2: Eagle 3: Pyrotic
This is my personal formation. This will easily counter Tornado & F-117 Bomber formation. You won't need more then 3 units to defeat your opponent. A good hero/gear setup is required. You eagle will be able to avoid any middle row attack and the pyro will make sure to bring down the front aircraft or biotic unit. Then afterwards, You will slowly manage to go up their middle lane and hit their vulture.



BOOMERANG : 1:Templar 2: Lancer 6: Ghost 9:Hawk
This Tactic is good against biotic units, The 2 synthetics in the front will allow you to hit most of the enemies on the battlefield. charges hawks in the back can finish the job.

TAG-TEAM : 1:Ghost 2:Ghost 6:Hawk 9:Hawk
Same tactic as arrow formation Cheese Mach I , Slot locations are a bit more in your advantage.

MR-TANK : 1:Roc 2:Roc 6:Knight 9:pyrotic
The roc's in the front may be able to recover some damage while hitting the frontline. The pyrotic and knight can do good damage to single units. They may be able to finish off what roc's left out for the 1st wave



AVOID MIDDLE VULTURE 1: Ghost 2: Eagle 4: XXX 6: YYY 9: ZZZ
Ensure the Vulture hits anything but air.



UNTOUCHABLE : 1:Eagle 3: Eagle 5:Paladin 7:Ghost 9:Ghost-------BY: Necronal
This tactic is effective against most Synthetics/biotic armies that runs single target damage.The ghost will hit almost everytime if you have the expert for it. The falcon does decent damage also. Slot 5 is the odd slot. I was ensure what to fill it with so i added a high defense unit to stall the middle line

DEADLY TSUNAMI : 1:Ghost 3: Ghost 5: Hawk 7:Vulture 9:Vulture
deadly setup against synthetic units. Ghost will charge/protect your 2 vultures while the air will do enormous damage in the back.

*There are no hard & fast rules, as any formation can be countered if the levels (2 levels max I felt), gears (both maxed) and heroes levels are not too far apart. The placement of the units to attack the countered unit matters. Of course, this will be advantageous to the attacking player as they get to go 1st.



There is a couple of tricks how to enlighten efficiently. First of all, its very important to start enlightening the heroes when they are level 1. It costs only 10 exploits. Make sure they are enlightened to the Max potential. But that's where it gets tricky. If a hero starts with a potential of 63 points. You won't be able to use them all into 1 section like (Courage) due to one reason. If you have 63 potential points, the system will distribute a maximum of 21 potential points per section. So you won't be able to go higher then 21 at level 1. So be aware of that. You can also gain potential by reducing your main stats (e.g.: Courage+21) and accept enlighten that gives you more potential. Don't worry afterwards you will gain more stats on each section and still be able to enlighten your hero up to (e.g.: courage+21)


This is called the interstellar battle between legions. There is 4 planets to choose from and difficulty varies depending on the planet size. The 4 planets as different bounty rewards. Planet#1 gives you 3,000 Credit per day, Planet#2 6,000 Credit per day , Planet#3 12,000 Credit per day and Planet#4 24,000 Credit per day. If legion wins any challenge from an opponent clan. They must beat the planet armies before being able to collect your prize bounty. To join Bounty events, your legion leader must apply to the chosen planet and start up the invitation queue. To join up the queue, you must go into ''LEGION'' then hit ''BOUNTY'' next to tech.


You can now fight together against NPC's in campaign mission. You have to select a world first, then you have to complete all the missions for you to get access to the team battle mode. You can start a fight with a minimum of 3. Campaign missions are accessible next to the ''facebook'' icon


Everytime you conquer a opponent, it will give you 10% of its levy income.
When you are a victime of a conquer, you cannot jump between planets.


Occupied colony will last 4 hours and will vanish if you jump between planets.
Also, all conquered enemies will vanish if you jump between planets.


VIP- add training slot : 49 domistals
VIP- add training 3 slot : 100 domistals
VIP- add training 4 slot : 200 domistals
VIP- add training 5 slot : 400 domistals
VIP- add building slot : 49 domistals
VIP- add building 3 slot : 100 domistals
VIP- add building 4 slot : 200 domistals
VIP- add building 5 slot : 400 domistals
VIP- refresh job slot : 10 domistals
VIP- training Efficiency 150% : 5 domistals
VIP- training Efficiency 200% : 10 domistals
VIP- enhancement-force 100% success : 15 domistals
-refill Teleport Points : 50 domistals
-Add 100 extra exploits : 9 domistals
-Building cooldown : 1 domistals per 10 minutes
-Research cooldown : 1 domistals per 10 minutes
-Recruit Cooldown : 1 domistals per 15 minutes
-Artafact gives +1000 credit : 5 domistals



Lvl 1 - CLAW FORMATION - Increase Explosive Damages (Slot unlock 5/10/16/25)
Lvl 2 - BIOTIC PROTOTYPE - Increase HP of Biotic units
Lvl 3 - SYNTHERIC PROTOTYPE - Increase HP of Mechanic units
Lvl 4 - Aircraft Prototype - Increase HP of Aircraft units
Lvl 5 - TELE-SITREP- Increase captain command capacity
Lvl 6 - CROSS FORMATION - Increase defense against explosive damages (Slot unlock 5/10/16/25)
Lvl 7 - ANTI-XENO - Increase defense against Xeno weapons
Lvl 8 - ANTI-EXPLOSION - Increase defense against Explosive weapons
Lvl 9 - ANTI-ENERGY - Increase defense against Energy weapons
Lvl10 - ARROW FORMATION - Increase energy weapon damages (Slot unlock 5/10/16/25)
Lvl11 - XENO WEAPON - Increase attack of Biotic units
Lvl12 - EXPLOSIVE WEAPON - Increase attack of Mechanical units
Lvl13 - ENERGY WEAPON - Increase attack of Aircraft units
Lvl14 - GAUSS CAPACITOR (NEW) Increase power capacity of plasma cannon, allowing it to fire more rounds
Lvl15 - HOOK FORMATION - Increase critical rate (Slot unlock 5/10/16/25)
Lvl16 - PHASE SHIFTER - reduce teleportation cooldown time
Lvl17 - NUCLEAR REACTOR - Increase Power productivity
Lvl18 - HYDROMETALLURGY - Increase Alloy productivity
Lvl19 - POLYMER FILTERING - Increase gas productivity
Lvl20 - SHIELD FORMATION - Reduce damage from energy weapons (Slot unlock 5/10/16/25)
Lvl21 - COLONIZATION - Increase taxation everytime levied
Lvl22 - XMAN FORMATION - Increase hit rate of biotic units (Slot unlock 5/10/16/25)
Lvl23 - N/A
Lvl24 - N/A
Lvl25 - N/A
Lvl26 - N/A
Lvl27 - N/A
Lvl28 - N/A
Lvl29 - N/A
Lvl30 - N/A


-Command Center level 10-----Defense Cannon
-Command Center level 11-----NO UNLOCKS
-Command Center level 12-----Residence#2
-Command Center level 13-----NO UNLOCKS
-Command Center level 14-----Alloy#2
-Command Center level 15-----NO UNLOCKS
-Command Center level 16-----Refinery#2
-Command Center level 17-----NO UNLOCKS
-Command Center level 18-----Residence#3
-Command Center level 19-----NO UNLOCKS
-Command Center level 20-----Power#2
-Command Center level 21-----NO UNLOCKS
-Command Center level 22-----Alloy#3
-Command Center level 23-----NO UNLOCKS
-Command Center level 24-----Residence#4
-Command Center level 25-----NO UNLOCKS
-Command Center level 26-----Refinery#3
-Command Center level 27-----NO UNLOCKS
-Command Center level 28-----Power#3
-Command Center level 29-----NO UNLOCKS


Good tips how to be efficient at war.

1st: Make sure you do your quest/jobs Daily
2nd: ALWAYS research something. Never leave anything pending
3rd: DON'T upgrade teleport more then Lvl 12 ( For lower levels) it REFILLS 1 point every 30 minutes. *I recommend 14 or 16 if you have space. Overnight 7-8 hrs replenish while you sleep.
4th: ALWAYS enhance your equipment. Even at 5% (make sure you don't enhence anything costy at 5% incase of a fail). *Do it at 80-95%
5th: Enlighten your hero is VERY important.
6th: ALWAYS hit stars army if you have the chance to obtain EXPLOITS, RESOURCES & GEARS
7th: DON'T change planet if you losing more then Minimum troop fighting a 6 star army in your current world
8th: Recruit heros every hour if possible to Maximize chance of getting RUMORS
9th: Use caravan DAILY to earn 500 credit
10th: Hit campaign mode and try to do jobs as possible (gears may be looted). *You can queue at at one final stop of a campaign & do other campaigns, jobs or attack NPCs or players at the same time.
11th: Always train an hero. Try to purchase second/third slot if you can
12th: its always better to find good colonies and put them into your favorite. It helps gaining resource production way quicker
13th: Join up for BOUNTY EVENTS when queue invitation starts


-BIOTIC 3000P-5000G-1000A PER 1000 UNITS

Lvl 0Pyrotic- Standard unit to start with. Attack,defence are AVERAGE
Lvl 5Medic- Unit that heals himself or biotic units. They can be used to TANK
Lvl10Astrotic- Powerful Units with a LOW hit rate.
Lvl15Ghost- Charges one of your aircraft unit
Lvl20Navigator- Increase energy power of aircraft units
Lvl25Engineer- Fix non-biotic in combat.
Lvl30Psychic are the top biotics who control enemies with pure mental energy that paralyzes targets.

-SYNTHETIC 1000P-3000G-5000A PER 1000 UNITS

Lvl 0Knight- 0Standard unit to start with. Attack,defence are AVERAGE
Lvl 5Lancer-Robotic unit that fires all enemies Vertically in front of him
Lvl10Templar- Robotic unit that fires all enemies Horizontally in front of him
Lvl15Crusader- Giant Robot that fires Multiple enemies at a time[/color]
Lvl20Dragoon- lower hit rates of Xeno weapons used by Biotic units
Lvl25Paladin- Defense performance invulnerable to almost any damage.

-AIR FORCE 5000P-1000G-3000A PER 1000 UNITS

Lvl 0Eagle- Unit that can evade attacks when fully charged
Lvl 5Hawk- Unit that can attack all units when fully charged
Lvl10falcon- Powerful unit thay can do massive damage to a single unit
Lvl15roc- attack will Steal Hp from enemies
Lvl20Raptor- Fully powered, they can steal energy from enemy aircraft units
Lvl25Vulture- Attack row when fully powered.
Lvl30Griffon- Fully powered, they can SWEEP attack opponents sideways


Each unit has its purpose. So there is no point in generalising one category as ''weaker'' than another.

Avalon Wars Units (Click to enlarge)

-Pyrotic are Very good against aircaft units. Low hit rate.
-Medic can be used to ''TANK'' receive most of the damage while other units can be protected
-Astrotic hit rate is very low but they can be used to kill a very strong unit.
-Ghost only purpose is to boost up your aircraft.
-Navigator is a great combo with ghost, Ghost only grant you 100% power up while navigators can exceed 100%. So, Navigators should be placed after the Ghost in attack order
-Engineer purpose is to heal friendly synthetic units. Its efficiency is very poor.
-Knight are strong synthetic units that concentrate attacks on a single unit. They can do more damage than any other units in this category, since they only hit 1 unit at a time. They are also used for cargo to carry resource between bases.
-Lancer are good if you have enemies facing vertically. Damage is reduced due to multiple hits.
-Templar (same concept as lancer but hit sideways) damage is also reduced due to multiple hits
-Crusader damage are a bit lower then the 2 previous units but HITS every unit on the battlefield.
-Dragoon will prevent enemy biotic units from hitting your army. Very usefull to protect your aircraft.
-Paladin This unit is very specialized in defense, but that's about the only good thing about them.
-Eagle only purpose is to protect other units by evading attack when fully charged. The basic damage & armor are very poor.
-Hawks can be deadly when fully charged. They basically are Crusaders on steroids. But basic damage & armor are average.
-Falcons are used to hit 1 single target at Extreme damage when fully charged.
-Rocs are very good. They heal after damaging a unit. They will do Very high damage when fully charged. Usually they are used in the front.
-Raptors need some improvement . Its purpose is to steal energy from enemy aircraft but the efficiency is very poor.
-Vultures are very powerful. They deal great damage and can wipe out a whole row by itself.
-Griffon are also very powerful. They deal great damage by SWEEP attack its opponents. They must be fully powered.


trade center Lvl 1 (HEADSET) Crimson Mark 100$---Command +80
trade center Lvl 5 (HEADSET) Interactical camail 500$---Command +88
trade center Lvl10 (HEADSET) Ancestor sallet 1000$---command +96
Domistal Shop (HEADSET) Blackraven helm (Lvl 5) 20 Domistal---Command +96
Domistal Shop (HEADSET) Venom basinet (Lvl10) 25 Domistal---Command +108
Domistal Shop (HEADSET) Stealwolf Shako (Lvl10) 60 Domistal---Command +120
Domistal Shop (HEADSET) Ironguard casque (Lvl15) 30 Domistal---Command +120
Domistal Shop (HEADSET) Xenocrime Helm (Lvl15) 70 Domistal---Command +136
Domistal Shop (HEADSET) Interactive helm (Lvl20) 35 Domistal---Command +132
Domistal Shop (HEADSET) mantis Basinet (Lvl20) 80 Domistal---Command + 152
Domistal Shop (HEADSET) Excontrol coronal (Lvl25) 40 Domistal---Command +144
Domistal Shop (HEADSET) Terminal Helmet (Lvl25) 90 Domistal---Command +168
Domistal Shop (HEADSET) Assasin hood (Lvl30) 50 Domistal---Command +156

trade center Lvl 1 (ARMOR) titanium shoulders 100$---Explosive defense +28
trade center Lvl 5 (ARMOR) zirconium gorget 500$---Explosive defense +36
trade center Lvl10 (ARMOR) niobium roundels 1000$---Explosive defense +44
Domistal Shop (ARMOR) titanium chausses (Lvl 5) 20 Domistal---Explosive defense +44
Domistal Shop (ARMOR) zirconium poleyns (Lvl10) 25 Domistal---Explosive weapons +54
Domistal Shop (ARMOR) nionium cuisses (Lvl15) 30 Domistal---Explosive defense + 64

trade center Lvl 1 (WEAPON) LJ50 ferret 100$---Explosive Damage +30
trade center Lvl 5 (WEAPON) A70 Bittern 500$---Explosive Damage +40
trade center Lvl10 (WEAPON) D81H3 cassowary 1000$---Explosive Damage +50
Domistal Shop (WEAPON) Y82 APE (Lvl 5) 20 Domistal---Explosive Damage +50
Domistal Shop (WEAPON) UX94 ASS (Lvl10) 25 Domistal---Explosive Damage +63
Domistal Shop (WEAPON) W54 SILKWORM (Lvl15) 30 Domistal---Explosive Damage +76

trade center Lvl 1 (IMPLANT) synthetic Brain L1 100$---Xeno Damage +20
trade center Lvl 5 (IMPLANT) synthetic Brain L2 500$---Xeno Damage +25
trade center Lvl10 (IMPLANT) synthetic Brain L3 1000$---Xeno Damage +30
Domistal Shop (IMPLANT) artificial hearth L1 (Lvl 05) 20 Domistal---Xeno Damage +30
Domistal Shop (IMPLANT) artificial hearth L2 (Lvl 10) 25 Domistal---Xeno Damage +36
Domistal Shop (IMPLANT) artificial hearth L3 (Lvl 15) 30 Domistal---Xeno Damage +42

trade center Lvl 1 (SHIELD) Potent shield I 100$---Energy Weapon Defense +40
trade center Lvl 5 (SHIELD) Potent shield II 500$---Energy Weapon Defense +48
trade center Lvl10 (SHIELD) Potent shield III 1000$---Energy Weapon Defense +56
Domistal Shop (SHIELD) Improve shield I (Lvl 5) 20 Domistal---Energy Weapon Defense +56
Domistal Shop (SHIELD) Improve shield II (Lvl10) 25 Domistal---Energy Weapon Defense +66
Domistal Shop (SHIELD) Improve shield III (Lvl15) 30 Domistal---Energy Weapon Defense +76

trade center Lvl 1 (AMPLIFIER) Ion Amp MK-1 100$---Energy Weapon Damage +42
trade center Lvl 5 (AMPLIFIER) Ion Amp MK-2 500$---Energy Weapon Damage +52
trade center Lvl10 (AMPLIFIER) Ion Amp MK-3 1000$---Energy Weapon Damage +62
Domistal Shop (AMPLIFIER) plasma Amp MK-1 (Lvl 5) 20 Domistal---Energy Weapon Damage +72
Domistal Shop (AMPLIFIER) plasma Amp MK-2 (Lvl10) 25 domistal---Energy Weapon Damage +85
Domistal Shop (AMPLIFIER) plasma Amp MK-3 (Lvl15) 30 domistal---Energy Weapon Damage +98



200 HONOR -Officer cadet C3 REWARD- Regiment#2
500 HONOR -Officer cadet C2 REWARD- Hero Alexia C:48 I:41 W:149 EXPERT: PYROTIC
1000 HONOR -Officer cadet C1 REWARD- Subordinate#1
2000 HONOR -Warrant officer C3 REWARD- Hero Rocky C:147 I:41 W:50 EXPERT : KNIGHT
3000 HONOR -Warrant officer C2 REWARD- Regiment#3
5000 HONOR -Warrant officer C1 REWARD- Hero Abraham C:47 I:139 W:52 EXPERT : EAGLE
10000 HONOR -Lieutnant C3 REWARD- BASE#2
20000 HONOR -Lieutnant C2 REWARD- Hero Logan C:48 I:48 W:143 EXPERT : MEDIC
30000 HONOR -Lieutnant C1 REWARD- Subordinate#2
50000 HONOR -Captain C3 REWARD- Hero Uriel C:135 I:49 W:54 EXPERT : LANCER
70000 HONOR -Captain C2 REWARD- Regiment#4
100000 HONOR -Captain C1 REWARD- Hero Troy C:47 I:152 W:40 EXPERT : HAWKS
130000 HONOR -Major C3 REWARD- Subordinate#3
180000 HONOR -Major C2 REWARD- Hero Tynyarabu C:57 I:48 W:133 EXPERT : ASTROTIC
240000 HONOR -Major C1 REWARD- Regiment#5
300000 HONOR -Colonel C3 REWARD- Hero Alan C:155 I:43 W:40 EXPERT : TEMPLAR
400000 HONOR -Colonel C2 REWARD- Subordinate#4
500000 HONOR -Colonel C1 REWARD- Hero Brooks C:53 I:135 W:50 EXPERT : FALCON
650000 HONOR -Brigadier C3 REWARD- Hero Monica C:51 I:47 W:181 EXPERT : GHOST
800000 HONOR -Brigadier C2 REWARD- Hero Porter C:175 I:47 W:52 EXPERT : DRAGOON
1000000 HONOR -Brigadier C1 REWARD- Hero violet C:53 I:176 W:50 EXPERT : GRIFFON

TERRAN (BY : debomb4433)

200 HONOR -Officer cadet C3 REWARD- Regiment#2
500 HONOR -Officer cadet C2 REWARD- Uyugal C:56 I:47 W:135 EXPERT : PYROTIC
1000 HONOR -Officer cadet C1 REWARD- Subordinate#1
2000 HONOR -Warrant officer C3 REWARD- Kirk C:133 I:55 W:50 EXPERT : KNIGHT
3000 HONOR -Warrant officer C2 REWARD- Regiment#3
5000 HONOR -Warrant officer C1 REWARD- Patrick C:44 I:142 W:52 EXPERT : EAGLE
10000 HONOR -Lieutnant C3 REWARD- BASE#2
20000 HONOR -Lieutnant C2 REWARD- M'nyarqu C:46 I:54 W:138 EXPERT : MEDIC
30000 HONOR -Lieutnant C1 REWARD- Subordinate#2
50000 HONOR-Captain C3 REWARD- Collin C:147 I:45 W:46 EXPERT : LANCER
70000 HONOR -Captain C2 REWARD- Regiment#4
100000 HONOR -Captain C1 REWARD- Dexter C:49 I:137 W:53 EXPERT : HAWK
130000 HONOR -Major C3 REWARD- Subordinate#3
180000 HONOR -Major C2 REWARD- Xizothanna C:43 I:51 W:145 EXPERT : ASTROTIC
240000 HONOR -Major C1 REWARD- Regiment#5
300000 HONOR -Colonel C3 REWARD- Brad C:133 I:52 W:54 EXPERT : TEMPLAR
400000 HONOR -Colonel C2 REWARD- Subordinate#4
500000 HONOR -Colonel C1 REWARD- Herbert C:53 I:137 W:49 EXPERT : FALCON
650000 HONOR -Brigadier C3 REWARD- Dante C:52 I:47 W:179 EXPERT : NAVIGATOR
800000 HONOR -Brigadier C2 REWARD- Wayne C:177 I:53 W:49 EXPERT : TEMPLAR
1000000 HONOR -Brigadier C1 REWARD- David C:56 I:171 W:52 EXPERT : RAPTOR


200 HONOR -Officer cadet C3 REWARD- Regiment#2
500 HONOR -Officer cadet C2 REWARD- Hero Owen C:45 I:39 W:155 EXPERT: PYROTIC
1000 HONOR -Officer cadet C1 REWARD- Subordinate#1
2000 HONOR -Warrant officer C3 REWARD- Hero Leonardo C:151 I:44 W:43 EXPERT : KNIGHT
3000 HONOR -Warrant officer C2 REWARD- Regiment#3
5000 HONOR -Warrant officer C1 REWARD- Hero Kappa-474 C:55 I:135 W:49 EXPERT : EAGLE
10000 HONOR -Lieutnant C3 REWARD- BASE#2
20000 HONOR -Lieutnant C2 REWARD- Hero Simon C:41 I:43 W:155 EXPERT : MEDIC
30000 HONOR -Lieutnant C1 REWARD- Subordinate#2
50000 HONOR -Captain C3 REWARD- Hero Roland C:141 I:48 W:49 EXPERT : LANCER
70000 HONOR -Captain C2 REWARD- Regiment#4
100000 HONOR -Captain C1 REWARD- Hero Sigma-931 C:42 I:146 W:50 EXPERT : HAWKS
130000 HONOR -Major C3 REWARD- Subordinate#3
180000 HONOR -Major C2 REWARD- Hero Ramon C:54 I:50 W:135 EXPERT : ASTROTIC
240000 HONOR -Major C1 REWARD- Regiment#5
300000 HONOR -Colonel C3 REWARD- Hero Evan C:155 I:43 W:41 EXPERT : TEMPLAR
400000 HONOR -Colonel C2 REWARD- Subordinate#4
500000 HONOR -Colonel C1 REWARD- Hero Emily C:46 I:142 W:50 EXPERT : FALCON
650000 HONOR -Brigadier C3 REWARD- Hero M'nyarqu C:47 I:53 W:179 EXPERT : PSYCHIC
800000 HONOR -Brigadier C2 REWARD- Hero Tau-W838 C:170 I:60 W:49 EXPERT : PALADIN
1000000 HONOR -Brigadier C1 REWARD- Hero Dyngua C:50 I:174 W:55 EXPERT : VULTURE

My Referer Code: j29i7m



Alpha-c101 ---------------------Xi-R641------------------------Psi-A165
Courage: 112-------------------Courage: 43-------------------Courage: 38
Instinct: 43----------------------Instinct: 113--------------------Instinct: 128
Wisdom: 44--------------------Wisdom: 42---------------------Wisdom: 38
Command: 156----------------Command: 160------------------Command: 170

Alpha-c101------------------Rasitu aea---------------Rho-u771
Courage: 112----------------Courage: 38-------------Courage: 110
Instinct: 43-------------------Instinct: 34---------------Instinct:41
Wisdom: 44------------------Wisdom: 127------------Wisdom: 48
Command: 170--------------Command: x-------------Command: 208

Courage: 34----------------Courage: 52----------------Courage: 39
Instinct: 37------------------Instinct: 104------------------Instinct: 48
Wisdom: 128---------------Wisdom: 42---------------Wisdom: 112
Command: X---------------Command: X---------------Command: X

Courage:40-------------------Courage: 40---------------------Courage: 108
Instinct: 47--------------------Instinct:115----------------------Instinct: 39
Wisdom: 112------------------Wisdom: 44---------------------Wisdom: 59
Command: 216---------------Command: X---------------------Command: 232


Mia (grade4)-------------------Byron--------------------------Leonardo
Courage: 51-------------------Courage: 39-------------------Courage: 151
Instinct: 42---------------------Instinct: 45---------------------Instinct: 44
Wisdom: 145------------------Wisdom: 155-------------------Wisdom: 43
Command:236------------------Command: 207----------------Command: X

Courage: 43-------------------Courage: 47------------Courage: 44
Instinct: 145-------------------Instinct: 150------------Instinct: 46
Wisdom: 50-------------------Wisdom: 42-------------Wisdom: 149
Command: 268----------------Command: 216---------Command: X

Courage: 120----------------Courage: 51
Instinct: 41--------------------Instinct: 145
Wisdom: 3--------------------Wisdom: 43
Command: X-----------------Command: X

Abu Rasitsa--------------------Isaac----------------------------Theta-K417
Courage: 146------------------Courage: 148-----------------Courage: 145
Instinct: 48----------------------Instinct: 43--------------------Instinct: 47
Wisdom: 44--------------------Wisdom: 50------------------Wisdom: 46
Command: 173----------------Command: 170-------------Command: 233


Courage: 179------------------Courage: 185-----------------Courage: 50
Instinct: 48----------------------Instinct: 50--------------------Instinct: 61
Wisdom: 51-------------------Wisdom: 44--------------------Wisdom: 168
Command: X------------------Command: 242----------------Command: 278

Courage: 195------------------Courage: 44---------------Courage: 42
Instinct: 38----------------------Instinct: 48----------------Instinct: 195
Wisdom: 45--------------------Wisdom: 187-------------Wisdom: 42
Command: X-------------------Command: 209----------Command: 254

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