Wednesday, March 20, 2013

3CX Mobile Device Manager

3CX Mobile Device Manager

Complete Mobile Device Management

  • Secure Smartphones and Tablets
  • Protect Corporate Data
  • Find & Track Mobile Devices
  • Easy to Use Online Service

Safeguard Corporate Data

  • Enforce a Password Policy
  • Lock and Wipe Mobile Devices

Keep Track of Your Devices

  • Locate any Device
  • Full Location History
  • Real Time Location & Status

Manage Apps on Smartphones and Tablets

  • Review Apps Installed on All Devices
  • Deploy Apps without iTunes & Play

Personally, I have installed and evaluated
  • Apple IOS - Find my iPhone
  • Android - Lookout
  • Android - SamsungDive

These are all freeware that functions well to a certain extent. Namely, tracking your device, remote lock/wipe, sound the siren/alarm. Great for personal users.

However, what if you are a corporate user, e.g. a logistic company that needs to track many truck drivers' location using different devices (Android and IOS), a company that needs large scale customize apps deployment/review and force password policies, a restaurant that wants to deploy apps to handhelds. If security is utmost important to you, you will be glad that the data transmission is over SSL. I did ask 3CX about data encryption on the device itself and 3CX replied that it is in the works.
On top of all the basic security stuff offered with the freebies software I evaluated above.

Then, the 3CX mobile device manager solution will definitely suit your needs. Even as an individual user or a small company, they offer a Free 5 Device Account for Life! For those considering purchasing more than 5, you can have a Proof of Concept first.

Part NumberUp to # DevicesOne Year


Additional stuff I like besides the standard tracking etc.

Manage Mobile Apps
Use 3CX Mobile Device Manager to deploy apps en masse with just a few mouse clicks. Review installed apps on all connected devices. Monitor for malware and remove inappropriate and rogue apps. Create a whitelist of approved apps and send all inappropriate apps to the blacklist to be automatically blocked.
With 3CX Mobile Device Manager you can configure settings remotely for individual devices or multiple devices simultaneously, including email settings and Wi-Fi network configuration and passwords. View installed apps, call logs and messages sent and received and the model name, operating system version and CPU and memory usage for each device. 3CX Mobile Device Manager also alerts you to important events such as policy violations.

I will also personally install 3CX mobile device manager to share with you my first hand experience later in another post.

Important note with regards to uninstallation as you need to uncheck device administrator to uninstall in Android, a security feature not a bug.

Play Store Reviews
Jeuris Rodriguez - January 10, 2013 - HTC Nexus One
To uninstall
Menu > setting > location & security > select device administrator > unchecked > uninstall like any other app from application menu

Jules GI - March 8, 2013
Great for corporations!
Let's you keep track of and manage many devices. Only admins can uninstall- it's a feature, not a flaw!

So what are you waiting for? Take the free plunge and get wet!

3CX Mobile Device Manager Free Sign-Up (First 5 Accounts)

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