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Avalon Wars PvP (2nd PvP)

Avalon Wars - PvP

1st PvP: 0 points
2nd PvP: 4,875 points
3rd PvP: 6,550 points (exchanged for mk4 NDA Amp)
4th PvP: 6,187 points (total now 7,612 points)

Well, I made it back from my 2nd Avalon Wars PvP alive finally. I would like to share with you personally first-hand my gruelling 14-day survivor experience (yes, similar to the Survivor reality show) and how can I improve for my next PvP (if the rules remained unchanged).

Day T-3
What? Day T-3? Yes, they took 3 days to resolve the first problem...
It started off with a chaotic "hang at creating the username" experience. It was so bad that PvP players have to un-install and re-install the Avalon Wars apps to go back to their main accounts, let alone PvP accounts. What else is new? This happens to my previous Haypi Kingdom, Emross Wars PvP experience where the developers grossly under-estimated the payload of all active PvP players simultaneously logging into the PvP servers at the same time causing overloads and unforeseen bugs unseen on usual play load servers. Similarly, my previous experience with Day-1 was it was so sluggish that it was almost unplayable.

Day 1 - Maroon Sea, 1 slot
Complete Chaos! What was supposedly a 1-day protection for build-up became a Free-for-all attacked and be-attacked situation. I login straight after iFree's (or iFail's) announcement and gain an early advantage. Being an experienced PvP player, I focussed on quickly building up my base non-stop without domistals speed-up knowing that these precious metals will mean a thin line on live and death later. Some inexperienced or perhaps "rich" over-enthusiastic PvP players started attacking others straight off the bat. You will gain small amount of PvP points early as some do not have troops at all if you are lucky. If you are unlucky, they would have also assembled their troops and guess what, you lose troops, lose an early precious teleport turn and worse, without a win and antagonise the player whereby putting you into their favorites, and the early advantage would have been quickly evaporated. It's a 14-day gruelling PvP so pace yourself. Also the rewards towards the end where you can pick to kill off weak players for 110 PvP points would be much more than the initial 10 PvP points peanuts.

My patience paid off as I quickly levelled up my base's 5-stripe Omega Crusader expert synthetic hero to yes, level 10. He could start using the level 10 elite gear given free by iFree. 3 effects here. 1st, a high level Command Center deterred players psychologically from picking you as an easy prey. 2nd, the elite gear could repel a weak attack without elite gear. 3rd, the durability drop during reset would be fewer for level 11-20 players, which was easily achievable before the reset.

I did grumble at getting a synthetic expert rather than an air force expert as I knew the game would be dominated by air force players. That perception changed when I saw a player named Pangloss. I will cover that later.

I started attacking a few players randomly while building up my base non-stop, completing missions and collecting rewards. What I should have done was to check the ranking wisdom heroes to attack and won easily, as I would have a natural advantage against them.

Day 1 ended with a 15 durability wall drop. My wall dropped from 100 to 85 since I was level 11-20. With the dura wall dropped, the hunger games began.

Next problem of resource and credits shortage started...

Day 2 - Esda, 2 slots
I upgraded my base structures evenly and soon ran into resource and credits shortage. I was literally living hand-to-mouth. I believe the situation of the other PvP players were the same if they did not splurge on transferring domistals. But if I stood still, I would be out of the rat-race, proned to attacks and eventually perish. I gambled, yes, not even in my real life, by playing lottery with the 50 free domistals that iFree donated to us. I stopped after getting credits as I could exchange for resources with my evenly upgraded trade center. Everything was hand-to-mouth and I started on my Campaign journey knowing full well that good gears and good heroes would make or break my game.

Luck was on my side as I got my 2nd elite Titanium Sash assembled quickly. Quickly moving on to Esda. My battles were based on my best judgement for the formation. Losses were setbacks and I started to think very hard. Lol, I could reference every Campaign formation from my main account. That's what I did and my battles went through. At these early stages, my other supporting Air-force and Bio heroes were 1-stripe.

Day 3 - Crimson, 3 slots
I did not bother with the Esda elite weapon Platypus thinking that I would only need 1 5-stripe super synthetic with the free elite Platypus that iFree gave. A grave error which I had to bear near the end-game as a synthetic expert against enemy's ghost-hawk blast. I was thinking along the line of using ghost-hawk blast to counter them myself. Then myself and our server members were mowed over by a super synthetic expert player named Pangloss, yes even the air-force experts themselves.

Pangloss has 1 and only 1 hero and 1 synthetic troop type knights at the early stages. While all of us strive to get 3-slots to overcome our enemy, thus diversifying/diluting our research tech, what Pangloss did completely changed my perception. His focus on synthetic gears and techs paid off. By putting all elite armor, shield, weapon on his 5-stripe synthetic hero and focus upgrade on these 3 gears and synthetic techs (explosive damage, synthetic prototype, anti-air, claw formation perhaps) he managed to wipe out players even with 3 hero slots. One of my server member's comments: "I got my a** handed over to him".

There was a wall-drop glitch in this PvP that the wall-drop stopped after 4th day (I believe). There was a truce called initially, but a few players did not obey. I could not remember how long the truce lasted but everybody took this time off to get stronger...

Fast forward...

Last few Days - Delta Dust & Broken Isles, 3/4 slots
The experience from all the PvPs from Haypi Kingdom, Emross Wars and finally Avalon Wars helped the team. You have to unselfishly broadcast the bases coordinates cooldown (cd) expiring through your legion chat. Why? Wouldn't that jeopardize YOUR chance of getting your precious 2-pts wall back? Yes. But increasing your own teammates (some may have even high-speed WiFi) chances of getting the PvP points/wall or even kill-shot is much better than having your opponent server have it. That is the rationale.

Sharing experience on how to favorite low-level opponents, attacking and publishing war reports also helped the teammates tremendously.

Problem: Carlos, whom attacked me almost every hour had a lock-on me, actually right from the game started. Usually, there will be at least one if not two players who had a lock-on you in their favorites. By publishing your war reports to the legion, they will help you to keep him busy thereby forcing him to retaliate on your legion members whereby giving you a breather or deplete his troops/resource (hopefully, usually not) or forcing him to go to sleep (cannot attack you). He was a Airforce expert while I am the underdog Synthetic expert. He had 2 ghosts which I could not 1-shot even after Nirvana and triple attribute enlightened.

Remember the grave error of Esda elite weapon Platypus I was talking about? I could not go back easily to get the weapon as nobody wants to run Esda Team Battle as most can get higher PvP points with later Team Battles. I thought hard and I knew I needed 2 things to counter the 2 ghosts. Another synthetic expert and elite weapon. I was fortunate enough to have someone exchanged walls with me to get my exploits to 2K for that all important Leonardo Knight expert honor hero. The next thing is the elite weapon. Surprisingly, if you asked on WC, someone actually can reply me that Stoaut part is an elite weapon. Ding dong! Hitting the spot dropped me 1 part and with the innate knowledge of using domistals to cooldown immediately, I got a very high percentage drop rate of 5 out of 8! My Airforce hero was still the 1-stripe. However, with 2 synthetic heroes, it was "DING DONG, wake up Carlos!"

After levelling Point Academy (PA) to level 20, I had the fortune of Diana in PvP (I fired her at my main game, LOL. Came back to haunt me in PvP) instantly being recruited. That was THE TURNING POINT of the game.

With Omega Nirvana triple attribute enhanced, Leonardo, Owen and finally Diana, I do not even need a ghost to charge up my Diana to counter Carlos. I did a arrow 1-templar, 2-dragoon, 3-pyro, 4-falcon and return fire to Carlos, perfect win unless Owen the Pyro expert missed.

Anyway, with Carlos off my back, it was now focus on team battles esp. Broken Isles (BI) which yielded 15 PvP points instead of the usual 10 PvP points for attacking players. Setting up BI battles was not easy as it needed a specific formation to win perfectly. Lane 1-Strong Air, Lane 2-Strong Synthetics, Lane 3-Strong Air again. Messing up the lanes will result in different sequence of waves coming out killing other players resulting in Draw. Lane 1 was pretty much suicidal as the computer has strong Synthetics (affecting and killing your ghosts) and Air in 2nd different wave. Lane 2 also most of the time was also sacrificed esp. the third wave of synthetics appearing in your lane if lane 1 did not clear. With your dragoon/knight, pyro, falcon, knight setup, it's almost a slaughter for the third wave of computer synthetics. Sarina (another great teammate) and I had the honor of taking lane 2 helping other team mates to win the BI team battles.

T9 was a great leader in organizing the BI legion team battles leading us to high success rate which in turn gave us a lot of exploits to triple enlightened our heroes and improve our research techs. Not to mention that all important PvP points we were getting home with.

Day 14 - Broken Isles, 4 slots
Everything was a blur as I was sleeping only a few hours a day, getting walls back, doing BI or DD team battles. I was still being attacked every hour until the last 2 days. I believed they stopped as they reckoned they get more PvP points from BI and they know you cannot be killed. Simontang (one of the best players I have seen besides T9) whom I wanted to exchange wall with to get Leonardo, told me that he did not want to waste his teleport on me as he was doing BI.

The final hour was rushing to finish off the team battles and also doing something secret to our server to be the winning PvP server.

Next Post: 3rd PvP


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