Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Hero Academy - Dark Elves vs Team Fortress 2 (DE vs TF2) Strategy

Strategy for Dark Elves vs Team Fortress 2

Credits to Jonathan Stagliano

  • I play against TF2 extremely well by boosting HP so high that their debuff or spy can't one hit.
  • They tend to bunch units together, soul harvest them to add to your buffed units HP making them hard to take out, then add health potion to your best units (the Wraith can now get upwards of 1400HP).
  • Keep back against walls/other units for spies.
  • Take out the healers with a prejudice. 2 anyway, but they have respawn tokens. You have to take the risk.
  • They only get two Medics. So chip away from a distance until they pop out the other Medic. Then, work your way to kill & stomp them. Sometimes, it means sacrificing one of your best units to get the job done. The stomping can stop once both Medics are dead. Just don't leave a Medic in a K'O state if they have revive tokens left - Graeme Feeney
  • When healers are linked to other units, soul harvest to delink them.
  • Use impaler/necromancer combo to pull and phantom.
  • Bait their jarate with +2 units or a naked wraith - once they've used those, they really can't stop a +3 VM - credits to Blake Stannard

Start a game if you want Johnnyoc.

My comments: The biggest problem I have with them as Council is that they can take out non-upgraded units easily and then, fly in with a scout to stomp and get away "scout-free". That's really annoying as hell! The strategy for CL vs TF2 I read, uses Wizards. Let me test it out. Btw, my gamer name in HA is leathergloves1.

*My comments: I have been playing for quite a lot now with TF2 and against TF2 with DE. When jarate has not been used up, spread your equipment around. Avoid triple upgrading your units e.g. Void Monk or Wraith. One of the units I like to put a helm or/and soul stone on is impaler. It makes them more hardy to be killed in 4 vanilla hits and they can also inflict natively 300 damage which will kill most vanilla TF2 units in 3 hits.

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