Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Hero Academy Strategy - Dwarves, Tribes, Shaolin

Hero Academy Strategy - Tribes, Dwarves, Shaolin

I was playing Hero Academy quite a fair bit of late. Boy I had many good loses this week. I will share with you the superb strategies used by these players for Tribes, Dwarves & Shaolin.

TF2/Dwarves (I) vs Tribes

  • TF2 has no mass damage spells like fireball/soul harvest/dragonfire like Council, Dark Elves, Shaolin. Tribes mass deploy units for chain healing. Unless TF2 can link 2 Medics to a Demoman, I could not defeat this strategy. Also TF2 & Dwarves suffer from spiked damage i.e.  need to heal or bubble burst.
  • Tribe's Witch, similar to DE Necro, can remote stomp at a distance.
  • Tribe's Meat or/and Rage with Tidal Wave can kill an upgraded unit easily if not careful
  • Orc can auto-kill a Paladin below 50%

Dwarves (opponent)

  • To be continued...


  1. These are helpful strategies for players of this game! Keep posting.

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