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Avalon Wars PvP 5 (exclude beta)

Avalon Wars 5th PvP (exclude beta) - Winner: Cetus

PvP for Cetus, Lyra, Orion and Pegasus

Enter battle (end of enroll period): Aug 7 (apparently having problems entering now, iFree is fixing it)

Like to highlight the differences from previous PvP

  • Battle Period: 168 hours i.e. 7 days instead of 14 days.
  • The players who don’t enter into PVP battle field 72 hours after the PVP begins will be regarded as given up the chance for this PVP. They couldn’t enter after that.

Winner: Cetus

What is PVP Battle?
PVP Battle is a breathtaking inter-server battle system where elites of each servers can break the boundary of worlds and get together in the PVP server to fight for the glory of their own world and for the dominance in Avalon Wars.
Why PVP Battle?
If you win the final victory of the PVP Battle, a large amount of PVP points will be presented in your original server, which can be exchanged for special Heroes and Gears.
Who Can Participate in PVP Battle?
Lv.25 or higher commanders (Command Center level) can choose to join in the PVP Battle. On that basis, the Top 50 in Arena are invited to the PVP Battle for free; the others need to purchase a PVP Ticket to gain eligibility.
What’s the Schedule of PVP Battle?
It divides into three periods
1.Enroll Period: 24 hours
2.Protection Period: 24 hours
3.Battle Period: 168 hours
How does PVP Battle work?
1)    You can log in the PVP server and original server simultaneously with the same account that you sign up for the PVP battle, but the data on the two servers are independent of each other.
2)    In the PVP server, you have only one fortress and need to start from scratching by creating new profile, recruiting new heroes, upgrading facilities, etc. 
3)    You have 1-day protection, starting right after the battlefield opens. After the protection period, the lvl10 protection will also be cancelled.
4)    You will be rewarded with 50 Domistals daily in your Daily Gift to let you develop extremely fast. Simply claim it in the Daily Gift panel.
5)    You can transfer the Domistals in your original world to the PVP server; however, the transferred cannot be returned and the remaining Domistals will be erased after the PVP Battle ends.
6)    PVP server features:
    a)    The building cooldown is halved.
    b)    The Resources and Credit required are halved.
    c)    Resource production rate is double.
    d)    The success rate of item enhancement remains above 50%.
    e)    The cooldown of Legion Tech is cancelled.
PVP Rules
1.    You can loot any commander of the other servers whatever faction or legion they are in. You can only start or join a legion that is the same server with you. All the factions of same server can join one legion together.
2.    Each fortress starts with 100 Durability points at the beginning of the PVP Battle. After 1-day protection, Durability will diminish every day until it reaches 10. The high the Commander Center is, the slower it decreases.
3.    Each successful attack will earn you 2 Durability points and none if failed.
4.    Each successful attack will decrease the target’s Durability by 2 points and their fortress will be under 1 hour protection instantly. A failed attack won’t decrease the target’s Durability or activate the protection.
5.    Once the Durability drops to 0, the fortress will be eliminated and the commander has to exit the PVP server.
6.    Each successful attack will bring you some PVP points.
7.    Eliminate another commander, and you will receive 100 extra PVP Points as a reward.
8.    You can increase Durability by tapping Restore once an hour. Each time you restore, the Durability will increase by 1 point.
9.    You can activate 12-hour Sleep mode once a day, during which you cannot attack or be attacked. The Sleep mode can be cancelled manually but the remaining time will be erased.
10All the players who entered into the PVP battle field will get a suit of lvl 10 elite gears and a random 5-star hero.
11. You can gain a certain amount of PVP points from defeating campaign BOSS of each map. The players from winning server will gain 500 PVP points as the reward. All the survivals will gain 300 PVP points. The top 10 players who ranks in Arena will also gain different amounts of PVP points.
12. The players who don’t enter into PVP battle field after 72 hours the PVP begin will be regarded given up the chance of this PVP. They couldn’t enter after that.

Who Is the Winner?

1Server PVP score= (surviving bases/participants)*Base eliminated

2The Server with the highest PVP Score is the final winner

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