Monday, July 29, 2013

Avalon Wars PvP (3rd PvP)

Avalon Wars - PvP

1st PvP: 0 points
2nd PvP: 4,875 points
3rd PvP: 6,550 points (exchanged for mk4 NDA Amp)
4th PvP: 6,187 points (total now 7,612 points)

Well, I made it back from my 3rd Avalon Wars PvP alive again. I would like to thank Sarina and T9 in helping me playing the remaining days when My family and I went to Taiwan for holidays. Thank you very much!

Day 1
I entered the PvP despite the fact that I knew I could not complete it. I just wanted to play as far as I wanted and my target was 3K PvP points before the bonuses if our server won the PvP. I tried to get my buddy Snowfest to help me, but unfortunately he was not able to. So I took the leap of blind faith...

The PvP started normally this round with 1-day protection for you to build up unlike the previous PvP.

This time round, I had early stage Dirty and later Jameswell having a lock on me. Well this was expected in every PvP. Perhaps the dom spending players had a lock on everybody for all you know.

To be continued...

Lessons learnt:

  • Get 3 or 4 Titanium Sash
  • Synthetic players, get 1 additional Platypus for Leonardo. Later get Dragoons.
  • Airforce players get ghost as soon as possible. Later get Navigators.
  • Biotic players get cross formation. T-Rex showed me it could work.
  • 4, 5-stripe heroes start to appear at Point Academy Level 17.

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