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Avalon Wars PvP 6 (Updates)

Avalon Wars 6th PvP

In my opinion, this was one of the worst Avalon Wars PvP due to:
  • Lottery payouts were greatly reduced especially credits.
  • Compounded with no double production rate and half price/cooldown(cd).
  • Cambridge wall return was pathetic

PvP for Bootes, Capriconus, Carina, Leo and Lyra.

Winner: Carina

1st PvP: 0 points
2nd PvP: 4,875 points
3rd PvP: 6,550 points (exchanged for Mk4 NDA Amp)
4th PvP: 6,187 points (total now 7,612 points)
5th PvP: 2,520 points (exchanged for another Mk4 NDA Amp. Total now 132 points)

This round is even more brutal with 5 servers involved in the survivor of the sleepless.

Watch out for this space! I will provide you live commentary while I try to stay alive in the game.

Today 22 Sep 2013 GMT+2 (10AM SG Time), enrollment has already started.

Tomorrow 23 Sep 2013 GMT+2 (10AM SG Time), the big war will begin.

Like to highlight the differences from previous PvP
  • Players will gain 15 PvP points from each successful attack (It was 10 points)
  • Successful attacks gives wall back: Cambridge - 1, Caribbean - 2, Avalon - 3 (it was 2)
  • The PvP points gained from campaigns are reduced by half
  • A random 5-stripe hero will be replaced by a random 4-stripe hero
  • One player is not allowed to attack a same player more than 3 times in 24 hours
  • New Legion member extended to 100 (the default was 50)
  • Unannounced: Lottery payouts were greatly reduced. No double production rate and half price/cooldown(cd). It was not 7 days but I believe 9 days.

As usual, it started off with hiccups. This time, the old PvP server data was not removed and the previous PvP players levels were retained. However, what was commendable was that iFree quickly fixed it. It was a blessing in disguise for me. My first 4-stripe hero was Byron (Engineer expert) and it will be almost impossible to use it's expertise. After the reset, I got Kanunlom (Ghost expert). Early tough game, but strong end-game (if I ever survive). This PvP also saw a few things that was not announced. iFree changed the lottery with much lower payouts and mostly resource. Looks like we would not be able to depend on lottery any more. Also double production, half priced/cd buildings was cancelled. This PvP saw a lot of big spenders all doming early to get to high levels. Already saw some players gone up to Level 16 and reached Maroon Sea team battle (tb). Some had Owen on Day 1, spending probably close to 500 doms at arena. One of our team mates mentioned that was at least 750 PvP pts (assume no kill shots), you do the maths. Tough game ahead...

When the protection period of 24 hrs wore off, I started to snipe the open targets. I managed to get 100+ exploits towards my target honor hero Owen. Tried to maintain wall staying at 99 until the wall drop. Got to level 12 so that the wall drop was 15 instead of 20.

I knew staying on Cambridge would be a death trap. 2 reasons - you spend 2 teleports to get back 2 wall pts, thus breaking even if you were successful. You would not have excess teleports to do missions to get the gears and upgrade. No. 2, you would not get much resource from Cambridge as the colonies payout were miserable. Knowing that, I jumped to Caribbean and got a 2-star resource colony and camped there to do missions, sniping any open targets available. Every hour when my cd was over, I evacuated my troops and just left 1 Astrotic to defend. Why? Stupid? I noticed even I defended successfully against lower level players, eventually I would have lost to a higher level player. In fact, the more you defended, the more troops you lost and needed to replenish your troops to do missions & attacks. Lost troops and walls, double whammy. At least this way, I only lost wall, save troops, earn more resource with the colony and also most importantly, save teleports to do team battles (tb) to get the gears to become stronger. I was able to break even and do missions until the infamous wall drop came along... At this rate, I was thinking I would be lucky to get 1K PvP pts to go back home. Resources and credits were so limited that I made a vow to get my 2nd MK4 NDA Amp as I might not ever have another chance to get it again until a very long time.

I believed I got Owen. I knew what I wanted, Ghost. Ignoring all attacks and research, focus on getting my Command Center (CC), Research Lab (RL), Barracks, Biotic Prototype research to, guess what, level 15 was imperative to me. Things were not looking very bright for me as being a Bio, I was very vulnerable to early Syn attacks and even Air attacks as Bio misses or sticking a Bio medic in front and hitting with Air hero behind (no good shields as no credits). Air opponents could easily hide behind or even stick his air hero in front with eagle and "kaboom", I was turned into ashes + he had a free shot afterwards. After I got my ghost (after much domming, I did not want to become a ghost before I got my ghost), things started to look a little brighter. I used 1-stripe air hero throughout the game as the resource to upgrade or recruit hero was very limited.

I wanted to use my traditional PvP method of using Arrow formation to blast those people with weak shields to smittering and later after opening slot 1, changed to eagle and hide behind to blast them. Boy was I wrong. The Arrow formation had a huge disadvantage in slot 1. It only opened at Arrow formation level 16! Strong Syn and even air heroes use that to their advantage by killing my Ghost before I had the chance to charge up. Buying a shield was really costly, even a fine one. This PvP, a lot of Syn focussed on getting Lancers and blasted through my Arrow formation. I was very reluctant to give up after 10 levels of Arrow formation research but I knew that I had to change strategy in order to survive. I started to use the formation which I was least familiar with, the Hook formation.

I quickly got to Level 5 Hook formation to open up 2 slots. Already that reaped benefits as most of them, like me, had not opened up slot 1. Even those high levels with slot 1 or also used Hook as well, the attack has the initiative to grant Eagle immunity and I had Ghost expert. There was also a side benefit (pun not intended) of putting all my elite gear on my expert Ghost who rarely missed in the early stages as the Eagle was also invincible after discharge. That completely changed my game and even helped me in my missions and team battles. Once I opened up slot 3 with Owen having Pyro and elite implant, I was able to hit them without being hit by the lancers. I was quite surprised in this PvP, ghost-hawk combo was not widely used as nobody had much credits to hire merchants to get even fine shields. Also crusaders were rarely seen even in end game. Perhaps the reason being there wasn't a 4-stripe Crusader expert.

I was able to proceed until I hit a 6-star Pirate road block. I needed to get to Avalon to get a 2-star resource and camp there.

I was really frustrated with the research cd and unable to get to Avalon by defeating the 6-star Pirate. The road block was the Crusader which hit all targets rendering my eagle obsolete, hurting both my Ghost and Pyro which was needed to kill the Raptor. The ideal arrangement for the 6-star Pirate would be Arrow - Crusader, Dragoon and Raptor lining up in a column. The Crusader needed to be killed by my Eagle, the Raptor and Dragoon missing my Eagle after that. Asking the team did not get many war reports as not many could reach the 6-star Pirate yet. Only the very strong could and their reports did not have such an ideal arrangement. Closest I got was Hook - Raptor, Ghost, Engineer, Dragoon, Crusader. So I spent an additional 50 doms to speed up the Anti-explosion research to lvl 15 and also max out Air attack, and reached about lvl 12 or 13 Xeno attack. Elite armor, amp and implant were all maxed out at lvl 15. After 1 failed attack before maxing out, I jumped in with a leap of faith using Hook - Pyro, Ghost and Hawk (3 vs 5). I barely won as the Raptor was healed by the Engineer, almost killed my Pyro, my Ghost missed and was dying.

I reached Avalon and got all the mission rewards as well and with that, I upgraded to lvl 16, on my way to open the 4th slot which I knew the hero to fill in, Leonardo. I tried the 2-star Resource colony but my 1-star Air hero was not strong enough to kill the Crusaders. That was also the final straw that broke the camel's back. In fact, I never tried again and was eliminated at Day 6. Although camping in Caribbean helped me break even with some teles to spare for tb, the thing that killed was the 15 pts wall drop.

I was so close to get Leonardo, 1995 honor pts! Just one more attack but it just refused to lock it in. Wanted to try arena but knowing that teles were so precious and also no PvP pts. When I finally got my Leonardo, I believed it was 29 wall. Told Jinooi that it was too little too late. He said that to me too as he got his Leonardo. Nevertheless, the will to live and get that MK4 NDA Amp with the existing PvP pts I had was so strong that it made me carry on. Yes, I needed 2,388 PvP pts this round to get that 2nd MK4 NDA Amp. Targets on Carib was scarce and everybody refuses to give that easy 2 wall to another server anymore by jumping back to Cambridge. I needed to snipe whatever target I had to get to the target PvP pts. Tb whatever to reach that. Every single ounce of energy was spent to lock it towards the goal.

Both the wall drop and my wife killed me. My wife was about to kill me already, so playing was limited. That was career limiting towards getting wall back. I evacuated troops to minimize loses hourly and tried to attack at every available opportunity. The goal now was not to survive but to reach my target goal before I get killed. Attacking people to get 15 PvP pts or better still, a kill was priority. When no available targets, I do tb.

I reached my target and let my time run out. I could have continued by attacking but I could not play much over the weekends. Spending family time was more priority. I believed I would be strong enough to take the 2-star Avalon colonies and became stronger. My Leonardo would be able to 1-shot weaker ghosts as well.

Overall, I would consider it was an average run. Most of the doms spend was for it to reach my Ghost and I reached my goal of 2nd MK4 NDA Amp.

Good luck to those still surviving!


Day 9
A lot of Bootes players gave up. Only 3 strong-willed players survived until the end against all odds. Namely T9, Wytukazzz and Jinooi. Bootes was third overall, Carina being first and Leo being second.

I salute all players for providing us the challenge (no hard feelings for attacking you and being attacked) and also each and every Avalon Wars PvP becomes more and more challenging.

Until next PvP, over and out!


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