Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Plants vs Zombies 2 Strategy - Pirate Seas

20 tips to mastering ‘Plants vs. Zombies 2’

I have reached Pirate Seas. What was useful was it released a new plant called Snapdragon. Very useful for stages with limited resources or plants given to complete a stage as it covers three lanes unlike Bonk Choy which covers one lane. I used it to complete Ancient Egypt stages as well. Just be careful that it will relight torches and also undo the freeze effect.

Some differences I noticed was that there were sea lanes. You thought you are safe because no zombies can "walk" on water. "Airrrr", wrong.

Swashbuckler Zombie - It can swing in half-way and you will be caught with your pants down.

Counter - See Spring Bean.

Seagull Zombie - It can fly over water and attack your plants.

Counter - See Sea Lane.
Imp Cannon Zombie - At the backline, fire imps at long range. Especially dangerous when it explodes itself when not destroyed flying imps over your hard-hitting frontlines causing havoc.

Counter - Bloomerangs. I still rely on my Kernel-pults, although it might be caught up with the other zombies. Plant food if desperate.

Spring Bean - Usually planted at the edge of the sea lane, it can also spring zombies sideways into the water too. However, when there are too many zombies, it cannot wake up in time as the cd is too long especially the final wave. Also crushed by Barrel Roller Zombie (see below).

Sea Lane - Traditionally, I used 2 Kernel-pults and a Spring bean. I was riding subway when I saw someone used Bonk Choy 1 tile away before the edge of the water. Not too sure how effective it was but I think Bonk Choy will get hit 1-2 times maybe? Saw a Wall-nut placed at the edge later. So 2 plants. It was quite effective against the Seagull Zombie though. 2 plant vs 3 plants to guard against the sea lane, pretty cost effective...
*Situational - If Imp Cannon is at your sea lane, the Bonk Choy could not hit it. 2 Kernel-pults and a Spring Bean will definitely cover anything in that sea lane.

Barrel Roller Zombie - Another new zombie was the Barrel Roller Zombie.
Counter - What I did was to use 2 Kernel-pults to stop and kill them. If multiple Barrel Roller Zombies appear in multiple lanes especially in the final wave, I usually reserve 1 plant food on the Snapdragon to destroy all the Barrel Roller Zombies in one shot (3x3 tiles). Using Spikeweed may not be a good choice as the 2 imps still pop out over your frontlines from the barrel and the Spikeweed dies.

Pirate Captain Zombie - Likely you will lose a plant or 2. As he launches it's Parrot Zombie from range, your hard-hitting SnapDragon and Bonk Choy can not reach him.
Counter - 2 Kernel-pults again (what else? Boring...). Recently read up, Wall-Nut is also a good defense & plant food is a last resort

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