Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Plants vs Zombies 2 Strategy - Wild West

Wild West

You thought plants are static in this type of tower defence game? Wait, plant, wait, plant, nothing to do after that? "Aeeerrr!" wrong again.

Wild West introduces a new feature that you can plant on carts so that some planning needs to be involved in planting the most useful plant on the cart(s) that can move vertically, some carts move partial screen vertically. This makes it more interactive and keeps you busy while you multi-task to plant and move the cart(s) to reinforce and hit the zombies. The railway track also limit your real estate for planting such that you really need to optimize.

I guessed I needed to use the plant given after I completed the stage to play the next stage, so it was a breeze.

Zombies - Counters
  • Prospector Zombie (dynamite, attacks from behind) - Split Pea (fires 2x faster backwards)/Bonk Choy (hit backwards too) (plant it on a cart if possible to guard the entire vertical lane), Iceberg Lettuce (before he detonates!), Kernel-pult
  • Pianist Zombie - Kernel-pult or Chili Bean
  • Poncho Zombie - Kernel-pult or Chili Bean, Snapdragon with Wall-nut
  • Chicken Wrangler Zombie - Kernel-pult/Lightning Reed
  • Zombie Chicken - Lightning Reed (hits 3 rows i.e. 1 row above and below but low damage)
  • Zombie Bull - Tall-nut, Kernel-pult and Snapdragon
  • Zombie Bull Rider - Tall-nut

  • If you see a Zombie Bull before the stage starts, use a Tall-nut. Otherwise, use a Wall-nut as it is more cost effective. Recently read that since Tall-nut and Wall-nut has separate cooldowns, it can used for defense... provided you have enough slots!
  • When you are short of real estate (occupied by rails), plant multiple pea-pods on the same cart.
  • It becomes a bit repetitive. Kernel-pult, Lightning reed, Snapdragon, Tall-nut/Wall-nut. Split Pea if have Prospectors, plant food if too many. Chili Bean to kill Pianist and whenever available (only 50 bucks, just the cd)

I literally zoom through Wild West zombies. I felt I was short-changed due to so few stages disregarding the star stages. The developers must be either rushing out the game or real tired of the whole thing altogether. Thumbs down for Wild West.

*Updates: Saw someone posted using Cherry Bomb to clear tough enemies. If the stage has no restrictions on plants deaths and you have unlocked Cherry Bomb, why not? My guide was based on using the bare necessity such as Chili Bean which came default after clearing one of the stages and costed only 50 Sun (only limited by the cd) as I rushed through Wild West. Besides, Chili Bean clears the whole row of enemies behind him with that stinky fart.

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