Sunday, January 19, 2014

iPad Mini Retina

Finally, I made the transition to switch from iPad 2 to iPad Mini Retina (WiFi + Cellular).

One of the main reasons was my "old" iPad 2 (without Retina) has no wireless hotspot! I have Googled the Internet and found out that it's the hardware and not the IOS, even with the latest IOS. I have also confirmed with all the Apple retailers. My VPN tethering with Samsung Note 2 has somehow broken with an Android update. I need the hotspot for work. The other reason being the weight.

I'm a Singaporean and I bought mine from Malaysia JB KSL City Mall at Mac City shop. It costed me RM1699 for a 16GB WiFi + Cellular model. Using a 2.5 conversion rate, it costed me about S$680. That's about S$50 savings if bought from Singapore originally costing S$728. The accessories such as iPad Mini Retina smart cover and anti-glare screen protector, you can get from either KSL City Mall itself or Holiday Inn Plaza if you don't mind to walk a few steps.

First thing I noticed is weight. The lead weight has reduced drastically. Not that it was heavy. Just that my wife was complaining carrying it around during holidays to snap photos.

WiFi + Cellular
iPad 2 - 613 g (1.35 pounds)
iPad Air - 478 g (1.05 pounds)
iPad Mini Retina - 341 g (0.75 pound)
iPad Mini - 312 g (0.69 pound)

After changing, yes, I confirmed that it was much much lighter carrying it and around.

Surprisingly, the iPad Mini is lighter than Retina. Maybe, iPad Mini's owners should not change :-P

Secondly, I sold or trade-in my iPad 2 to a reseller at Singapore Toa Payoh Central at a reasonably good price. As we have surveyed the shops around there, there was one particular shop (I will provide the address when I go back there again) that I felt that the shop owner vouched to what they have quoted me. My experience with the other shops was that they will quote you after doing a superficial assessment. When you really want to sell them at that price they quoted you when you return, they will undercut you with all sorts of excuses like scratches, dents, looks old, no box blah, blah, blah... This shop is honest and reasonable. In fact, this is the second deal we have done with them. The first, they buy-back my iPhone 3GS (although he did reduce $20 the previous round lah)

Thirdly, I approached them to cut the Micro SIM to Nano SIM which they did it free for me with their SIM card puncher. I asked and yes, it costs to replace your Micro SIM to Nano SIM from the Telco. Another plus point from the shop. Also confirms that my blog post works!

Convert Micro SIM to Nano SIM

Tested and proven to work as 4G if your plan is LTE.

The rest of the features are the same as what I described in iPad Air.

Macworld did a fabulous job of comparing iPad Mini Retina with iPad Mini 2 especially highlighting you the difference for the resolution.

iPad mini Retina review - Review - Macworld UK by Karen Haslam

Extract of the Verdict:
"... While the iPad mini costs slightly more this year than the original iPad mini did at launch, we think the increased cost is a small price to pay for the updated technology...."

I made the switch, have you?

Next post: Changing the default name of the iPad.

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