Tuesday, April 22, 2014

2048 Strategy

2048 strategy - Well, I could not beat it initially until I read someone else's 2048 strategy. But their strategy was really confusing. Worse, everyone copied and pasted the same "confusing" guide.

But, once I saw this picture, it was all crystal clear.

I beat it a couple of times on my first night until I wanted to go higher than 2048, which I did 4096. Then the nausea feeling started to set in due to insufficient sleep. Moreover, it was repetitive. I stopped altogether after that.

3 simple rules:
  1. Focus on bottom left corner
  2. Always fill up the bottom row, left to right
  3. Merge the bottom row numbers without moving the corner stone. In the above case, it's sliding left.

Avalon Wars Bounty, Bootes - The Legion vs Empire 20140421

The 2nd challenge after Nascimur. The Legion vs Empire 16 vs 71. Finally, 4-0. Empire ended strongly. If it was a full turnout, it would be a nail-biting finish.

Avalon Wars Bounty, Bootes - The Legion vs Nascimur 20140421

The first of the 2 Bounty Battle challenges.
The Legion vs Nascimur 16 vs 65. The Legion max capacity down to 16. Finally 7-0.

Avalon Wars Bounty at Bootes - The Legion vs Empire

Outnumbered 20 to 63. Final 6 to 0. The Legion fielded their best players. Lucky win as many Empire members did not join. Enjoy.

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