Tuesday, April 22, 2014

2048 Strategy

2048 strategy - Well, I could not beat it initially until I read someone else's 2048 strategy. But their strategy was really confusing. Worse, everyone copied and pasted the same "confusing" guide.

But, once I saw this picture, it was all crystal clear.

I beat it a couple of times on my first night until I wanted to go higher than 2048, which I did 4096. Then the nausea feeling started to set in due to insufficient sleep. Moreover, it was repetitive. I stopped altogether after that.

3 simple rules:
  1. Focus on bottom left corner
  2. Always fill up the bottom row, left to right
  3. Merge the bottom row numbers without moving the corner stone. In the above case, it's sliding left.

Use the video as a guide. I saw the video and the corner stone was moved many times, perhaps inevitable. He was lucky that another new tile did not appear in it's place. Since I bought the SCR Pro, I will record my video as proof. My blog always walk-the-talk. But it may take a while for me to reproduce and record it and that nausea feeling... When you played too many times, it got a little bit "sick" especially after you had beaten it many times.

A screenshot as proof that I walk-the-talk. Have to move the corner stone to another corner due to unforeseen circumstances.

I see whether I can think of a solution if the corner stone is occupied by a new tile. Well, I found one.

Credits to Nick Statt from CNET:

For instance, if you're dealing with the unfortunate circumstance of a rectangular block and you can't move left or right or even up, there are ways to get out that involve breaking the above mentioned rule of never moving opposite the location of your largest tile.

2048 new tile in the corner

In this scenario, a three-row block can be solved by making the otherwise ill-advised decision to pull downward, but quickly creating an opportunity to put the two highest tiles back in the corner.

*Another way to prevent the corner stone from moving is to fill up the left column as well. If you slide up, at least the corner stone will not move.

2  32 16 8           32              32       4
16 8  4           2  8               2  8
8  4              16 4  16 2         16 4  16 2
   2              8  2  4  8         8  2  4  8

*This could be a lucky result from going left after a 2 appeared in the wrong place when going right in the previous example. Now, going down will result in the top row holding only the 32 and possibly a random spawn, so you can move the 32 back to either the top right or top left corner. - credits to scenia

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